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for Changing Desires

1/23/2021 c15 Cara
PLEASE don't delete! If you decide not to continue writing, please don't take this down. Its one of my favoritesī¸
5/23/2019 c15 1ldavis02.02.2015
Please continue!
10/29/2017 c15 awefanfic
Hope to see the next chapter soon! Great story!
1/11/2017 c15 lifelovelaugh
Really love the concept of harry dating mafloys twin brother! 3
12/4/2016 c15 Charlie
Changing Desires and Changing Perceptions are the best fanfiction stories that I have ever read. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :)
11/8/2016 c1 Angel Rose Potter
I really do like these to stores. I wish u could add more but I do understand. I'd u have to stop. Angel.
9/1/2016 c15 sjrodgers23
thanks for letting us know
9/1/2016 c15 rigger42
Everything is a learning experience. If you can't be happy with it, I have no clue how you can continue to be creative. :)
6/7/2015 c14 sjrodgers23
good they are getting along with each other. now if only the potters would move on away from the weasleys and 2 younger kids. everything will be fine. Why is it Ron is getting away with everything he does to Adrian . When is arthur going to develop a backbone and take Ronald to task for everything he has been doing to Adrian. I know he cant keep his head buried in the sand always, What is it going to take to wake up and see what is going on. They cant be that stupid. Is Ron going to have to kill someone before they get it into their heads that the boy needs help. faster updates please. cant wait to read more of this story .. thank you I love all of your stories all 7 of them.
4/22/2015 c7 2SlytherinLegacy 338
Merlin, Ron needs a one way ticket to St. Mongos loony wing. I would not be mad if you resurrected Voldemort just to the Cruciatus Curse on Ron.I would most likely cheer the whole time.

for some recon I thought that Snape was teaching DADA instead of Potions?

grate chapter very addicting story :)
3/5/2015 c14 faneka
I have enjoyed this story and hope you'll be able to update soon. Harry's been worried about Ron going to Azkaban, but a permanent psych ward is looking much more likely to be in his future.
2/11/2015 c14 1ethan thorn
Would like to see a new chapter soon hopefully ron gets wants coming to him.
11/16/2014 c14 Guest
This is an amazing story. But I realised that it was M rated, with no M rated scenes
11/16/2014 c1 Guest
I really love your story. But it's not Ancient Ruins, it's Ancient Runes..
8/27/2014 c14 Mashkai30
I have enjoyed this very much. I hope you find time to finish it someday as I would love to read the ending:)
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