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4/19/2015 c1 7Rizzo's Princess
That was... DEEP!
11/17/2011 c1 322Andorian Ice Princess-AIP
To be very honest I hardly, if ever, read death ficx, even canon ones b/c they are usually so depressing. But this was very powerful and so true to character. Everyone did warn her and she did pay the ultimate price, it was her fault but I loved how you had her the victor instead of the victim in the end, b/c she did win. Thanks for a very good read. I really did miss Aiden, she was a great character. Bravo

11/16/2011 c1 33lily moonlight
Very good indeed. Great to read this, I'm glad you did post it.
11/14/2011 c1 29afrozenheart412
"He has murdered her, stolen every good thing in her life. She let him do it. Even as her body is encased by flames, she is proud. She is dead and it is all his fault. He thinks it's over and he's won. But he's a fool to think it. Because he is hers now and she owns him, disgusting body and ugly soul, and she is never letting go. Now wonderful is this prison, this death, this crime she constructs.

They burn.


These lines are the most powerful and eerie in here with how she knows he is only fooling himself with thinking he got away with this. Even though this is about Aiden, with the recent episode I can't help but see Jo in here with these lines here:

"She was a woman on a mission and nothing would stand in her way.

They warned her. Everyone said she was getting too close, too involved, too reckless. They were right.

And she didn't care.

He was fast becoming her everything. The first thought when she woke from troubled sleep, the last image in her mind as she succumbed to unwilling slumber. It was sucking the life out of her."

I really, really hope that it doesn't end up this way for her like it did with Aiden. Marvelous job with it all, it doesn't need to be long to make an impact.

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