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for Saving You

10/2/2020 c12 Aria
1/19/2020 c12 Jackie
This fic hurts me emotionally so sad it never got an ending guess chase didn't got a chance of "saving him"
7/26/2017 c12 7SneezySoul
dang. This hasnt been updated in forever.

I was looking forward to chase torturing the baddies, sweeping jack off his feet, and saving the day.

7/26/2017 c10 SneezySoul
uGH did you put a warning in the authors notes for that? freakin triggered af now geesh thanks

if you did im stupid im sjsudsiofo;

im going to rewatch every episode of steven universe or smth man that was traumatizing holy shit
5/25/2015 c12 thedoctor
This is amazing please put out the next
3/8/2015 c12 Guest
This whole story I was expecting Jack's father to take his virginity.
3/8/2015 c12 Guest
Why doesn't chase use the sands of time to refurse of this!
Knowing chase he could easily find it, then warn his past self about all this!
2/16/2015 c12 maddywaddy
criesbecuasethisisntfinishe ps however it is great !
1/13/2015 c8 3jasdevi's secret sissy
but...what about the bruises on jack's face
/the rest was gorgeous!
11/27/2014 c1 Azera Bell
I remember the woman that did that to her kid. The guy wrote two books about it I think. They made us read it freshman year. I really like it when authors use teal events in their stories.
7/27/2014 c12 ICan'ttWriteA
Please tell me you haven't forgotten about this fanfic OAQ, I haven't slept reading this the wohle night, I absolutely loved the plot, it's just awesome (of course I don't like reading Jack being raped ;-; but you understand what I mean xD)... I'll waiting to the next part :D
P.s: Sorry about my bad english and the poor review u.u, I want to write you a lot but it's just that I can't write as well as I read english and I don't want you to suffer with my shitty english xD
6/9/2014 c12 slavekagome
Omfg this story is just soo freakin awesome! Im must have more xD
12/3/2013 c12 4kiss-me-not killer
You know... I really like this fic but it's kinda bothersome that there's so many mistakes in it... are you looking for a beta perhaps? 'cause I'll be more than happy to correct this for you. :3
x'ies and thank you for the good read, hope you'll update soon kmnk
10/5/2013 c12 Shearfang
There is no other way to respond to this chapter other than... "I HOPE YOU UPDATE SOON!" (nearly crying voice) " So help me Jack better live" (angry/determined voice)
10/4/2013 c1 Shearfang
Sorry to complain but have you noticed your spelling fater instead of father?
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