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for Saving You

8/4/2013 c12 Volxvolt
I want more I want jacks parents to suffer especially the dad. The chapters are good and want jack and chase to go on more dates
6/27/2013 c12 Angel Moonlcaw
i hope you get a new chapter up soon!
6/16/2013 c12 SoulMore
6/12/2013 c12 7KingFluffybuns
you don't have idea of how happy I'm for see an update! don't take me wrong, take ur time, just that I wasn't expecting this. XDDD
I loved the chapter, even if it was short, its okay, I did loved it, I hope to see more of u often, then, I won't take ur time anymore,
good summer! Cx
6/12/2013 c12 iloveanimeandmanga2000
Can you kill or torture Jack's Father in the painful way?
4/22/2013 c11 1Phoenixdad
HOLY CHEESE ITS THIS IS AN AMAZING STORY!Please,please,please,please,PLEASE do more!
4/8/2013 c11 Shinigami Ryuk
Please write more. This is so awesome. :P I will happily wait for the next chapter. -
3/20/2013 c11 16Fujimoto
Hi, I just finished reading your story and I can't help, but question where exactly this is going. You give this cliche issue about Jack's parents being gay bashing villains. I mean, a parent would get angry over the fact that their own child has turned out gay, but then this would lead into a scene where they blame each other for the child's homosexuality. Chase and Jack's little moments they have together are cute; however, they don't have an atmosphere.

When did Chase know about hospitals? I was kind of confused about that. I use to watch the show and they never really showed anything about modern civilization. Yea, there were times in which Jack had to explain in certain scenarios, but not to the extent where they actually showed an image of the place.

When you write a conversation I can't seem to follow through. You write a sentence like this for example,
"I don't think it's such a bright idea" "We should have thought this through"
It took me a second to figure out that you were trying to give out a pause. When it's actually written like this,
"I don't think it's such a bright idea," He narrowed his eyes. "We should have thought this through."
I still have an idea that it's the same person and that there was a slight pause.

Oh, when you change the emotions about characters, if you're going to have them a certain way then keep them the same way. Unless, that you know you're going to change the way they think, then do it in a timely fashion. When you changed the characters of the parents, they were god awful dicks in the beginning, but suddenly they show mercy to Jack in the second chapter? Well, that had me confused. In fact why did Jack seem so okay with it? They kicked his ass in the first chapter and they threatened him a punishment if he didn't show up at a certain time, but he gets home 5 minutes late they give him a pass? That gave me the impression that their threat earlier was a bluff and Jack as naive as he is wouldn't have so openly sat down at the dinner table, in fact he would have thought something might be wrong.

All in all it's an okay story. I hope you have a very nice day and I look forward to any future works from you.
12/12/2012 c11 Southernson
Awesome story. I felt the charecters actual emotions, so it must be really good then. All these stories are so emotional. I also feel very sorry for Jack and pissed at his father. You, dear stranger, deserves a cookie *Hands Va Va a cookie*
12/8/2012 c11 SoulMore
11/22/2012 c11 Bramble
The story is amazing so far aside from a bit of grammar issues (not trying to be mean).
One question though, Can Dr. Wilson be Jack's guardian/adoptive mother since his parents are being complete homophobic assholes?
10/30/2012 c11 amber
awesome story please write more :) !
10/19/2012 c9 2Cadi-Pika1993
Somehow i love your storys nice toch to spicer being gay! Sorry bad speller
10/7/2012 c11 8FullMoonPoet17
Ahhh I loves it soo much! Please give us more! Chase and Jack are so cute and Chase is in all kinds of love and I'm just filled with fangirlness joy haha
10/7/2012 c5 FullMoonPoet17
I must say this chapter was just tooo cute _ I love Chase and Jack being together and dancing.
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