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3/16/2012 c10 not telling the unknown
KILL THEM ALL CHASE! KILL THEM! YOU ** (foming at mouth)

An: Ok while my friend is going crazy I will review for her. She was pissed at what happened to Jake. Unfortunaly for her this will apper in her mind for a month now. So please have Chase do something to avenge Jack soon.(looks down at Unkwnown)

* On the ge=round still foaming at mouth*
3/16/2012 c10 4Ms Briar
TT~TT DAMN! That's all I can say, just. Just DAMN!
3/16/2012 c10 funkeemonke
omg whats gonna happen now oh dear im glad jack has chase to help him and what a mean father tut tut tut

dont worry i wont get freaky so don't worry and yes i loved the update i really did not many people update anymore so im glad you did thanks
3/16/2012 c10 7Parthos the Silver Dragon
Chase needs to kill Jack's dad now...And everyone else involved in Jack's rape, rip out their spines!And painfully castrate every single one of them.
3/15/2012 c10 ladykale1985
another great chapter...
3/3/2012 c9 PigeonsAndCarrots
aww I really want to know what will happen to jack once his perants find out :) keep up the good work :) xxx
2/22/2012 c9 7Velvet Underside
You know you're amazing, right? You potrayed the conversation with Chase and his inner beast almost perfectly. Ooh! Chase? Afraid? You LIE, inner beast! LIES! Anyway, I love it.

And I love it even more when you update.
2/21/2012 c9 not telling the unknown
If that bastard rapes/and or kills/hurt him I will troll you to hell. SAVE YOUR MATE CHASE SAAAAAVE HIIIIM!
2/21/2012 c9 18Insane-Random-Girl-17
right when it gets to the good part! i hate cliff hangers, keeping going its really good!
2/21/2012 c9 4Ms Briar
AHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA! SICK STUPID HYPOCRITICAL BASTARD! HE WILL DIE UNDER CHASES CLAWS! (Oh and, that was mighty foreward of Dean to just say "Im his lover and I want lunch " amean whats up with that?)
2/21/2012 c9 Sophie
Yay, you updated! :)))) I was wondering when his dad would snap, mine didn't take as long as Jack's did. But he finally did, so yay!I mean, not yay, but it.. well, you know what I mean. Also, nice twist with Mr. Spicer being gay. Never suspected that! Update please!
2/21/2012 c9 4Tsuki Yosuke

Ok, ok, I know I shouldn't be laughing here, but TWO JackSpicersBitch's reviewing is just...too...ffffunnnyyy...!

Ok, out of my system, actual reviewing taking place. Why are you the victim, Jackie? WHY? Take a self-defense class or something already, you idiot! T-T

Ok, that wasn't an actual review either. Good chapter, but you kinda smooshed some stuff together. Not in the beginning, but later on you kinda skipped through some stuff and cramped it in a bit. Around after when Chase finishes talking with his inner beast. LONG. 0-0

Still good, though. =)
2/21/2012 c9 funkeemonke
omg omg omg whats going to happen to jack aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh update soon ahh the suspense is killing me ahh
2/21/2012 c9 7bkcgirl
I knew Jack's dad was so far in the closet he could see Narnia!
2/20/2012 c9 Colourfullike
i wonder when Chase will realize Jack's in big trouble everytime he comes back home...
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