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for An Untold Beginning

10/12 c69 Lgibbs718
Just one more chapter! Please!
7/21 c69 Guest
How soon is soon?
7/21 c6 Slutdreams
This book is so good
7/20 c4 Slutdreams
It’s so good
7/20 c27 Guest
Oooooo shiitake shrooms. What has our boy gotten himself into
7/20 c9 Guest
“Reviews are to me as Wolfbaine Potion is to lupin”

Sooo, they turn you from a vicious werewolf into a calm, manageable creatcher?
7/5 c36 Lori234
Im honestly just waiting for fifth year because that’s where I think Gabe and Mia will finally get together looking forward to Sirius and Remus being protective dad roles
6/29 c30 kmblount11
I loved this so much! I really hope Mia gets to live with Remus!
3/28 c10 little-misstea
Hermione is acting totally like her character. She always wanted to be the first in everything, got mad when Harry bested her in 6th year potions and shocked if Ron managed to figure out something before her. Plus she never got along with girls her age, she disliked Lavendar and Parvati for no reason and was HORRIBLE to Fleur.
3/23 c69 shivanshis1501
Please update. I love the story. Pls pls pls update.
3/1 c69 Lily
Did u die?
2/26 c69 Guest
Please please please please please update.
1/20 c69 xioelis mena
so i just want to say this is really good like for real. im also very sad its not complete and would totally love to see a bit more of gabe and mia's relationship they were just to cute. PLEASE FINISH THE STORY I WANNA SEE WHAT HAPENS NEXT
1/17 c69 Anonmyous
Are u dead?
12/13/2020 c69 Peep
PLEASE UPDATE A few chapters ago you said you had all the chapters please upload the last one PLEASE Maybe as an early Christmas gift!
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