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for An Untold Beginning

9/9 c37 Guest
I don't get how you can hate Tonks! She a Halarius character
9/9 c34 Guest
Yeah, it's easy to in vision what happens at the end, but then your like: middle part. Love the story so far
9/8 c29 Guest
AHHHHHH! This story is so good! I'm so excited to see what happens next ️
9/8 c24 Guest
WOOOO! POA! That means Sirius is introduced and im so hyped! This story is going so well
9/7 c15 Guest
I guess it is Sirius's animaugus. Btw story is looking great
9/7 c10 Guest
I love this story. It seems like she really does take after her father, with her anger and with her love to break rules. This is really cool!️
8/28 c70 Guest
Ok, when she didn’t use Felix Felicis, I was so worried that she would die like in a story I read once where the main character gives Felix to all of her family members, but doesn’t have enough for herself, and she dies at Bellatrix’s hand.
8/28 c62 Guest
But I want to be an AUTHOR, to fight dark wizards, for the good of mankind.
8/27 c38 Guest
“We’ll handle dinner! Don’t worry!”

*Proceeds to burn the house down*


Also, do they actually live in Alphard’s old house? It would make sense. Alphard was disowned for giving money to Sirius.
8/27 c27 Guest
8/27 c26 Guest
Gah! Gabe, be smart and let Mia check it fist, after all you were still getting tutored last year!
7/15 c49 1LycheeCat
Great story! One of my favs for Sirius Black's daughter thol OI thought she would be a bit closer to Harry...Still I likey sadly haven't finished this fanfic yet but, will soon. Keep up with the great work!
6/28 c70
I need to see how Mia and Gabe turned out. Please write an epilogue.
5/18 c12 5Kalynnblack
how is she the only orphan allowed to stay at hogwarts when even Tom wasn't able too?
4/26 c47 Guest
too canon reliant, why does Sirius not have an house elf. The MC also is too accepting and the writing kinda made her feel like a robot in the last 10 chapters. Doesnt make it better that I kinda dislike Gabe and how the MC just bends over all the time.
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