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for Gloves Don't Cover Up The Memory

1/6/2014 c5 Chris
Pleas make more chapters couse it reminds me of me my friend ways protected me and I was way worried about him so please make a chapter 8 and 9
5/19/2012 c1 RockYourLove13
This is a beautiful story. It sincerely makes me think what happens next? I ohpe to help you with it...
2/21/2012 c7 unknown081
awesome story! hope you update soon!
1/12/2012 c7 digifan313
guess Flynn and Cece aren't sibling here huh? Aw... I can just imagine Deuce and Tony sleeping in the bed together, just the two of them. after Tony woke up of course.
1/10/2012 c7 4Klaine's Child
great chapter
1/10/2012 c7 IluvF
So, does this mean there's no test or Deuce gonna have to do it alone? great chap!
1/5/2012 c6 Kaiya
aaaahhh, i love slash stories!hmm a bit of mystery, a tad confusing, and pretty dramatic. if it were a book i would buy the whole series.
1/4/2012 c6 IluvF
So, the kid is Flynn, kinda thought it would be another OC. lol. And Flynn is going to be their love child? Haha, wonder how he would react to that. And they're a couple now! Wonder what will come next.
1/4/2012 c6 Klaine's Child
I was surprised it was him,Duece and tony are together,great anyway update soon
1/3/2012 c5 Klaine's Child
great story,update soon
1/3/2012 c5 IluvF
They escaped, yay! wonder what's gonna happen next... btw,what will be the kid name?
12/9/2011 c4 no
another chapter please and i almost cried
12/2/2011 c4 XxAlliexX
i loved it
12/2/2011 c4 beliber
i loved it
12/2/2011 c4 envyquest60
plz continue
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