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for Falling Snow

3/4 c5 2GrucyFanatic
This is so very sweet. Your attention to detail is striking, and the way you write the characters in relation to one another is spot-on! Wonderful job!
12/13/2017 c5 9Swalker2000
Man, this story was awesome! Such an adorable ending. Hats off to you, you did a fantastic job!
11/21/2014 c5 37TMNT 2012 Fan Girl
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... That ending was so touching. Especially the whole family leaving a long message for Margo. Even the Minions did. I love them! XD Also great story. :) Hopefully you can make more great stories like this in the future! Seriously!
11/9/2014 c1 TMNT 2012 Fan Girl
Wow, Margo the teenage rebel, huh? I especially like this story. Pretty funny if you ask me. Like the Minions and their reactions to the stuff that happens to each other (totally like them), Edith and the running joke(?) of her kicking the Santa pillow (at least it kind of seemed like a running joke), and the part with Dr. Nefario's language. lol XD As you can tell by my username I love the Minions. :) Good work on the story though. ;)
8/11/2014 c5 5SonicHedgehogBlur
8/8/2014 c5 82despicme95
I got some ideas for extra scenes for this chapter in the hospital. A nurse takes Margo's blood pressure and her temperature. and a doctor listens to her heart and chest with a stethoscope. And all that would be when Gru is with her.
8/1/2014 c5 Guest
Can we continue the story a longer please? It would be nice to have a happy ending where Margo fully recovers from hypothermia and can go home for Christmas.
11/15/2013 c5 3the.drizzling.rain
I just adore this fic, it's so amazing. I think it really does the movie justice. :) Awesome job!
12/20/2011 c5 13LittlePlagueSpirit
This is so heartwarming! Oh this is really something that I can see Margo doing, such a stubborn girl who always does where she sets her mind on, and than later thinks about the consequences. But she was so brave and I completely understand why she wanted Gru to be there.

And Gru! God, best dad-awards go to this man! They already go to him because of how he was in the movie, but in this story he warmed by heart up once again.

A lovely, heartwarming Christmas story :)
12/15/2011 c5 19RockyRoadSmith
Oh my, what a wonderful ending to a wonderful story! The part where Margo first wakes up and the total confusion she's feeling was written so well! I loved the reunion between Margo and Gru, too. That was just so heart wrenching. The whole ending segement of Gru reading to her at the hospital and her getting emotional was just so precious and the raw feelings you write out were lovely. Thank you so much for writing this little gem! I really hope you continue to write stories about Margo and the rest of the DM cast because you do a fantastic job at it. ^_^
12/8/2011 c4 25Tangled4ever
Love it! Please write another chapter soon!
11/27/2011 c4 18Galimatias
11/25/2011 c4 19RockyRoadSmith
I know I sound like a broken record, but my god! Your use of detailed descriptions and atmospheric visuals is abosultely stunning! I loved the entire scene with Gru near the alley way and just the way you described the scenery of being so usettleing was wonderfully done. The part of him finding Margo was absolutely heart wrenching and Gru's final sentence just really cuts into a person's heart. Lovely job! I look forward to the upcoming chapter! :D
11/23/2011 c3 CasualReading007
Pwease write more :-D
11/23/2011 c3 RockyRoadSmith
The descriptions of helplessness and fatigue you used in this chapter were just amazing! I could really picture this entire chapter in my head, as if it was really a movie. The atmosphere of cold weather and desperation was extrememly moving and I'm at the edge of my seat to see if Margo will be okay or not! Great work on this! I look forward to the next chapter. :D
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