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4/16 c19 Momma Laura
I just found your book on e-bay and bought it. I miss hearing from you, my friend!
4/15 c4 Momma Laura
My son loved the interrupting cow joke about 34 years ago when he was just a wee lad. I think he still tells it!
3/12 c5 Autumnal fox
It was so lovely and touching chapter!
3/6 c20 princeselisa
Fantastic story. Especially enjoyed the epi. Very sweet. Thank you
3/3 c1 princeselisa
2/23 c20 Alex Maria1
I loved this story. I have read other stories of yours, too, but I think this one is among my very favourites. I have loved the Twilight universe for a long time now, but I am pretty new to twifics and I am glad yours are among the first I have read.
This has a unique premise, an amnesic vampire! Who would have thought!
At the beginning, seeing Edward's reaction to their first meeting, I thought he faked not remembering Bella, supposedly "for her". But then the idea came that he lost his memories. Still, I was surprised when I had my theory confirmed.
There are so many things I like about this story.
First, the evolution of the main characters, Bella and Edward. Her theory that he did not want to acknowledge their shared past and her anger at him was the first sign that she had outgrown her Forks self. She would have never been really angry at him before. Quite a sight! Then how she realised she did not truly know him back then. How she understood him, how she was more attentive to his feelings and thoughts. How she did not start insisting again on being changed.
Then there is Edward's evolution, too. I loved how you put in balance the Forks Edward and the Portland Edward. How he was horrified (an understatement, of course) at his past behavior. Two years before, he was manipulative, controlling and egoistic. Her wish to be changed and her wish for them to be intimate were never open to discussion, he only made decisions for her, without consulting her. Just like the break up itself, of course. And he saw where that got them. Finally.
The love story as depicted by Stephenie Meyer is absolutely amazing, as proved but how many fans it has. But the more you think about it, the more you realise it was very unhealthy, they were so unbalanced because he had every advantage over her. Strength, supervision, superhearing. She could never be private because she could hear her heart beating.
So I really like the change in Edward and Bella. They were more rational, more opened to communication, more willing to listen to each other.
I love the turning points so much. The "Birthday. Gone." moment was so well written and thought! His realisation that Bella knew everything about him and his reaction to this revelation was surprising a bit, because usually Edward is not as menacing written in relation to her. The moment when he recovered his lost memories. It was heartbreaking, but necessary. And it was the moment that made glaringly obvious the difference between that Edward and this Edward. The fact that he listened to her, he did not run, did not leave her was... hard to describe how I felt then, but is one of my favourite moments in the story.
I liked very much that the story ended how it began:with the bookmark. And the finish line!
Moreover, I love your writing style. It's obvious you are talented. Thank you for your works!
2/17 c20 melisa79
Wonderful story!
11/28/2023 c1 1717user
Just came across this fix again and reread. What a great story. Thank you for sharing.
11/1/2023 c6 5Mariskafan2012
This is the cutest thing i have ever read! Seriously, i was smiling the whole time. Loved it.
9/27/2023 c20 2XxFantasyFiascoxX
Absolutely beautiful! Definitely worth the read!
7/18/2023 c20 hellishrose
This has been in my to-read list for a long time. I must tell you I do hope you are still receiving reviews for the absolutely beautiful piece. I read this all over the last few days and I had many tears both happy and sad. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this masterpiece
5/30/2023 c1 15Alexise-me
I'm a French reader, I follow your story since the translation of Isno and Zveka and I want to tell you in person that your story is just exceptional. So thank you for allowing them to translate it.
3/28/2023 c20 Guest
It would be an understatement to say this is by far my favorite fan fic, no doubt! Thank you and kudos to you!
1/27/2023 c20 SilverDoe73
This was such an amazing story! So many twists I didn’t see coming. I stumbled across this story completely by accident and am so glad that I did!

This story has been so healing for me. I haven’t read anything this well-written in a very long time. You created such an outstanding balance of both Forks Edward and Portland Edward and gave Bella so much more insight post-high school. Everything you wrote was genius - Edward’s amnesia, Edward courting Bella, how Edward regained his memories, Edward’s closure after Bella’s illness, showing Jacob and the pack the goodness of the Cullens, Renee, etc. I loved the knock knock jokes (“moo”) and absolutely loved the ice skating, the snow globe/chocolate cake/ribbon, and the Alaskan sky full of stars. Alex Mason is sooo adorable. My heart is so full. Thank you for sharing this with us!
1/22/2023 c1 Kksmum
This is a wonderful story. I have read it and reread it many times. The ending always makes me cry.
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