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5/27/2016 c11 66mikey magee
I read this story years ago and I have to say it's probably my favorite Kaldur fic ever. You're a fantastic writer, and I can't wait to recommend this work! :)
9/11/2015 c2 Dude
Using black characters as mouth pieces for "racism against white people" is truly somethinng else. And here I thiught I found a nice Kaldur fic. Racism is systematic, white peole don't face racism, they benefit from it. No you aren't your ancestors, but you benefit from the years of slavery and segregation. Those white people kicking black babies in black and white pictures in the 60s? Yeah those are your grandparents. Sorry dude, I could have liked this if you didn't use Kaldur and Black Manta's blackness as a way to state your "poor white people" point. That's just low and ignorant.
1/10/2012 c11 Blackrose
I hope you do write something else regarding Kaldur'ahm. You write the most interesting stories about him. I personally think all the bullshit they put on him as leader and them forget about is crap too! Kaldur'ahm is awesome!
12/2/2011 c11 66Krylancelo
Ok no sequel to this then!

Well, maybe. I don't like the ending!

I feel bad for everyone, esp. Kal and Roy!
11/30/2011 c11 41Shade's Ninde

Sad ending is sad. I feel like a Kaldur whose personality has completely changed isn't even really Kaldur anymore. In a way, he did die.

Also, nu!verse Kori will always irritate me, but the fact that she did in this just meant you got it right, I guess.
11/30/2011 c11 InMyOwnWords
So many loose ends...I want a sequel, but in the end it's up to the author. D=

His mind was a very, very dark place. I can see why he wanted his memory wiped. I wonder if Black Manta will ever come back for Davil Ray...hm...Oh, and, if his memories were to come back I don't think he'd survive that. He'd be a giant ball of personalities and emotions. O.O I'm glad he's still with Roy. The archer just wouldn't let his merboy go would he?

This was awesome, and it's actually the first time someone filled one of my prompts on the YJAMeme, so thank you so much for writing this. :)
11/29/2011 c10 Shade's Ninde
Nnnnoooo, Kaldur!

After all this trauma I really hope he gets a happy ending. Now that all the others have realized they've been unkind to him, I hope he has the chance to wake up and see how worried they were...
11/29/2011 c10 13Keep Moving Onwards
Ok, that last bit totaly caught me off guard. I defenitly find myself wondering what will happen next a lot. Great job!
11/28/2011 c9 66Krylancelo
Well that was a ... different chapter. Poor Aqualad.

I hope this ends well for him. Sequel?
11/28/2011 c9 InMyOwnWords
Goodness, the poor thing. Everyone just wants the info he has, but they havent noticed how...broken this kid is. Aqua man should have noticed that Kal was um...different. Not they do psychological tests? Guess not.

Update soon!
11/28/2011 c8 41Shade's Ninde
Nooooo J'onn, get him out of there.

Little Kaldur is cute and sad and mostly sad.
11/27/2011 c7 Shade's Ninde
Ack, I missed the last three chapters because of the change in rating. I like how you're taking your time with the fracturing of Kaldur's mind; clearly Manta's brainwashing went deep or it wouldn't be this hard to dig his true memories out.

The little piece where it became clear that Kaldur fell prey to Manta's tricks because he felt unwanted was very sad, and also very believable...the team doesn't treat him very well. It's true. I'll be watching for updates in this section now. :)
11/26/2011 c7 InMyOwnWords
Yay for sexytimez.

Ooh, please don't go Sybil on us Jackie/Kaldur/Jackson...even though it would be GREAT if you did go Sybil...that might make it hard for you to be a hero, but it makes for a great story. xD

Suicide is not the answer bb! Don't do that...Being mean to M'gann? Lol I like it.

He's aging again. That's can't be pleasant. Aging so quickly in such a short time. O.O
11/25/2011 c6 66Krylancelo
You like having Kal hurt? Boooo...

Poor Kal! The're going to be .. watched? Hmm, I hope you keep it Teen then!
11/24/2011 c6 InMyOwnWords
Okay, so we're getting somewhere...

No Kal! You don't need to forget, you need to remember! I'm guessing Jackie is someone between Jakson and Kaldur'ahm. Jeez that's three different personalities.
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