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12/12/2020 c2 gorilla blazers
I hope Sonic solves his issues.
12/12/2020 c1 gorilla blazers
Very interesting start.
2/1/2017 c16 Guest
hate sally acorn
12/11/2016 c15 UncleFudge
Bro, this is the best story I have ever read. You are truly the best at what you do. I always seemed to think Sonic and Bunnie would make a great couple and you obviously made that happen in this story. SonicxBunnie. Good job bro. :)
10/25/2015 c16 TheGrunt22
And that's such a wrap! There isn't much for me to say anymore, as what I've stated ten thousand times in previous reviews other than a job well done. Well done, I say again, well done. You've left quite an impression on the sonic fics out there, even if they haven't gained much notice, but certain will leave their mark as some of the best stuff sonic fanfics out there have to offer.

Me and other decent people are still around, should you ever mill back into this life. It was completely worth it I say. As I've said, you have a great talent at writing magic and I can literally taste it in the words.

Again, thank you for sharing your imagination. Now enjoy the Endless Possibilities and have a great day!
10/23/2015 c16 Marvin
wait! do u still have the origanl sonic x buns story?
10/9/2015 c16 52Heartless demon wolf
An incredibly detailed and sincere romantic story. I love it a lot and I like the two paired romantically. It's a shame you're moving on but a lot of us are not going anywhere so when you come back we'll welcome you with open arms. You'll always be family here brother. You ever need any advice or ideas I got your back. Can't wait to see what you'll ccome up with next.
10/9/2015 c16 Shade of Naxx
From whatever others think I believe this story/pairing deserves more credit I have been in this story since I think about...chapter 3-4 one of those and I've liked all of it how it has EggBeater as well was a good touch :D but back on topic I stayed up till midnight Australian time reading the last 2 chapters and boy am I tired but boy am I happy I did it because I have been waiting for this story to end big time in 2 ways, for the ending and Seeing how sonic and bunnie will grow and the last 2 chapters (Bandolier p2 and Dancing in Daffodils) showed the 2 grow stronger which made me happy since not used pairings like sonicxbunnie grow in relationship is a good thing especially with a author(idk what to call u) like u which puts a lot of detail in to their thoughts and feelings then putting more speech in because I found it interesting knowing what they were feeling the whole time anyway I think I'm rambling

Shade of Naxx is gone
(PS your a great writer(that was the word I was looking for) :D)
10/8/2015 c15 1Majestic Star Arceus
A simple end to a fantastic story good job and thanks for the experience.
10/8/2015 c16 nightmaster000
This was a another wonderful and awesome story.

I'm really sad to see you leave the site. I'm hope to one day see you return. Even though i haven't been leaving review as often as i should for you're stories. Please know you're one of my favorite authors on the site.

I wish you the best of luck in you're future ventures.
9/4/2015 c14 Guest
Will sonic and bunnie get married and have kids and raise them in a barn
8/24/2015 c13 Drjeesh
really good but you overused and placed the word and in places where you even need it, but still pretty darn good
8/12/2015 c14 TheGrunt22
TheMaxx! I have been created for the sole purpose of reviewing you! That is why I have transformed my own body with my own ha-Whoops. Wrong time and place!

Daww thanks! I flattered! Yeah, as I can testify to when I try to write, I feel the need when you're trying to be as specific and understandable as possible you end up being a bit redundant. But not to worry as I've spotted little next to none sequencing and grammar errors; a paragraph was accidentally segmented into two in chapt 13 with the 'clearing of trees on fire'. Nothing to fuss about lol; happens to everyone!

Probably being redundant myself now as I've likely mentioned the same stuff over and over! Aye, again I apologies for not getting on this sooner; my excuse was being a bit...unmotivated to do anything...but I digress!

Yep, so the first chapter starts off with the calm before the storm. Think we mentioned before the Eggster's having logistic problems. For every world conquerer, take heed; ruling is not as fun as conquering. Like a comparison to Emperor Palpatine and his empire, complete with a rebellion that's so hard to pin down and causing problems. Though it seems once when he started attacked, he took a page out of Metal Sonic's book.

Nanites. NANOMACHINES, SON! Ahhh lol I never tire of that.

If there's one thing you can except from evil, is evil's ability to fight amongst itself. Even if a brotherhood is formed out of the mess, expect it when victory is achieved (or seems certain) that they'll break up and start fighting each other for the spoils.

One thing you've always been great at is the character development over a course of a story and the tension building up to it ultimately climaxing. Of course, telling a story the right way is the best way! Either way, that's what gives what you write a lot of its magicial charm and makes its so satisfying to read! I know, a lot of what I've already said from before, but yeah I guess I'll just say it again! Not to mention during this final climatic battle, the tension from the heroes and the two main villains continued to keep escalated as they've fought and turned on each other. Well done.

Once more, the conclusion to this story is epic. Again, I applaud you. Though the victory was bittersweet and Pyrrhic, it was nether the less a happy and a satisfying ending. Even if you take your bow after the epilogue, it's been one heck of a ride! Only one thing for it now, but endless possibilities! Thank you for all your outstanding commitment to writing!
7/17/2015 c12 Josh
Please finish it. It's very awesome and I'm looking forward to the ending.
6/18/2015 c12 TheGrunt22
Things are looking to near their climax around here eh? Forgive me for not being instantly on the updates as they come; I've been horribly bad on that lately. Sorry!

Throughout the entire story, I remain to be impressed and enthralled by the developing characterization of the main characters, practically with Bunnie's changing feelings (and the relationship still remains to be quite this sort of platonic love as mentioned before, although expanding bit by bit), and on side note, Antonie finding his place in the Milt-WELL LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE, A COMEDIAN! PRIVATE JOKER! (Ahh the little Full Metal Jacket references - Pvt. Snowball and Joker - made me smirk quite a bit :) )

I still am disappointed on just how under appreciated you are in the entire community of fanfiction. Even if there are a few grammar errors, spelling mistakes, redundant repeating, or what not, the quality remains to be absolutely top notch and that certain six sense magic you write with is present absolutely everywhere. Even if this is to be the last one you may ever do, as the lack of attention can be quite a motivation killer for your love for writing and imagination, it's still been one heck of a ride.

Though I still and probably forever remain naïve to the universe of the Sonic comics, I look forward to seeing this fic's conclusion! Time to see how the relationship ultimately expand its blossoming flower, Eggman's Master Plan, other competing diabolical enemies, and well, what not! Hehe! Again, you're awesome and thanks for doing what you do best!

Have a great day!
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