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for Sweet, Sweet popcorn

6/11/2012 c1 3Jiffer011291
Not bad but a little graphic for my tastes
4/6/2012 c1 10Frenchhornbook
so that's why people sit in the back corners of movie theaters...
1/7/2012 c1 1Fragar1991
Ahh I wanna go to see a movie that way! Jajaja ;D

12/21/2011 c1 Ginny Potter
How do I not remember this? Jk.
12/21/2011 c1 Guest
I was rubbing my pussy the entire time.
12/17/2011 c1 Guest
I loved it!' :D It was freaking amazing!
11/27/2011 c1 7Dirty Little Half Blood
:O...OMM! Malfoy! This was very good for your forst femmeslash :D Loved it. Although it was a strange paring to choose, With you being Slytherin and all. I thought you would have gone with the whole 'Forbbiden love, crossing the boundries breaking taboos' etc... BUt still. I LOVED IT!

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