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2/2 c19 21Ptool
your writing is *delicious*
2/6/2021 c18 2TrillionSchiffer
Poor Bree. I feel for her situation. I can't blame her. Too bad Edward is too much of a douche to she another person's suffering. smh. She had to turn to prostitution in order to eat. come on bro...ease up. #poorBree
2/6/2021 c17 TrillionSchiffer
Ahhhh why be so unnecessarily cryptic? Isn't it easier for Bella to understand WHY you are doing all these things Edward by Explanaing the current danger of the new girl bree? Why give her all this "noise" she can't comprehend or make sense out of? Because you feel your act will be more "heroic"? Or just For Drama? Smh. lame. Okay weirdo.
2/6/2021 c12 TrillionSchiffer
I feel for Bella.. she is in a desperate thirsty need for information and everyone keeps giving it to her in drops. Thank gawd Edward decided to illuminate the situation of whats going on between them this chapter. At least she has something to hold onto.
2/6/2021 c8 TrillionSchiffer
Charlie is shitting bricks scared. Traumatized by vamps. Living phobia scared. They might as well be snake people, scared.

So much propaganda and his one encounter with a pyshcotic vampire with red hair, has instilled in him and sense of immediate open bowels! hahaha... poor Charlie. His "friends" did him no favors. Not one decided to give him a balanced view. They all just took his one experience with a pyshcotic vamp, and amped it up, making him think all vampires are like that.
2/5/2021 c1 TrillionSchiffer
Another amazing story left unfinished...#sad
1/26/2021 c19 2TinkaPrime
Interesting story
1/1/2021 c15 2TrillionSchiffer
One problem with this story... its not complete
12/22/2020 c19 Magda95
The rich tapestry of characters you wove in this story is truly stunning. I know it's unlikely you'll read this comment and even less likely you'll finish "Prism" some day but I nevertheless want to thank you for one of the best fanfictions I've ever read, and I've read a lot. If you ever return to this story, I think you'd make a lot of people very happy.
1/11/2020 c19 TrillionSchiffer
is that is? no more?
1/11/2020 c16 TrillionSchiffer
hmmm... I thought Renee was cool with it when she was drawing Esme. Now she sounds panicked again.

I get it. Charlie has nightmares because VICTORIA traumatized him but other than that...
1/11/2020 c10 TrillionSchiffer
hmm.. I am surprised that the idea of Forever scares Bella . No courage In that department.
1/11/2020 c10 TrillionSchiffer
Ohhh interesting very very interesting. love the fact that charlie and Renee are both in the know about vamps. Love the fact that the law of the volturi is still a concern and not brushed off.. Love to see charlie has a powerful yet rational fear of vamps and wants nothing to do with them. And it nice to see a change where the wolves want to use them so that they can keep changing. Nice to see them WANT thier birthright.

Love the slow development between Bella and Edward. Really Capulet and Montague style. lol
8/29/2016 c19 Lee
Dear Author

I realize that its been years since you have updated and I pray that you are well. Your story is phenomenal and I seriously am amazed at the ambigous statements made through the characters. You truly do have a gift. Usually I do not read fanfics that are not completed but your story was like a drug that drew me in. I truly hope that you will read this and that you will finish this story sometimes or other.

PS. Your amazing
8/4/2016 c19 Mechcat
I can see it has been a few years since this was updated. But it is SO good! So, having just discovered it, I hope that at some point there will be more! And I have no doubt that if there is, it will be gleefully received!

A terrifically intriguing look at some very creative stuff in the generations before and underlying B/E.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Clearly lots of hard work and creative thought went into it. More please! (Expectant 'cat stare fixes upon Anna Faze)
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