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for Unforgivable Sirius

11/3/2014 c2 Blake2020
Wow what a chapter
11/3/2014 c1 Blake2020
Great chapter
11/3/2014 c26 caligo-lux
gosh...harry is a dimwitt...no seriously his idiocy regarding sirius is giving me a case of reflux _
10/31/2014 c14 1marthapreston4
awww when your sick and delirous sometimes the truth comes out
10/16/2014 c27 2merlinreveal3
Love this story! Please keep writing!
10/9/2014 c10 ma
quite the 5 year old ... -.-
8/12/2014 c21 2InkyReader
Melin's Pants but she DESERVED THAT! YAY!
8/12/2014 c15 InkyReader
Gosh dang, Dumbledore getting mad is SCARY.
8/9/2014 c27 Mary lue
update PLZ?
8/8/2014 c27 Guest
I hope you update soon and since school will be starting soon, I think Harry and Snape need to have a talk about how Snape will be treating Harry because he is still spying... Great Chapter too
7/29/2014 c27 6jack-damian
No! Where's the rest? must ... read ... good ... story ...
7/18/2014 c27 witchsbroom
what a chapter. Poor Harry he just doesn't seem to get a break. Looking forward to the next chapter to see what it was Harry had gotten his godfather for Christmas
7/19/2014 c27 UNtrees19
They should really take stories like this down from fanfiction. Considering it's a story that's so good it kept me up until three in the morning (even though I have to be up in three hours for work). I had too make sure that I read every last word.

Please don't take this review the wrong way. Your story was amazing, I loved It.
7/16/2014 c27 Saggyherman
Ace chapter. Please update soon ;)
7/18/2014 c27 4TheUndefeatable
Oh! Interesting! How Severus manage to stand on his feet after what he went through?
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