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for Unforgivable Sirius

7/16/2017 c12 a person 56
Awwwww u have me in tears right now
. T_T ㅠ.ㅠ
5/12/2017 c14 selanalilansnape
dear severus draconis potter
i am reading and loving your story. but i see that it is not complete. have you abandoned this story? then i am not reading it because i HATE reading unfinished stories and squirming to know the ending. so i beg you(literally!)to finish it. pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeee*puppy eyes*.
sincerely selena lilan snape
2/26/2017 c29 cmfisher
This is a great story. I hope you continue it. You would be rich if you could find a way to make those blankets that Harry received for Christmas. Thank you
2/25/2017 c15 cmfisher
Put the flamers on a hill of African Fire Ants and sprinkle them with honey. I have never understood why they read something that they don't like. I just go to another story. Silly people. Love this story.
1/26/2017 c29 2PrinzessTinkerbell29
Luv it update sssssssssssssoon
1/6/2017 c26 12excessivelyperky
Oh, dear. Sirius thinks he's fixed already, but it still blaming everyone but himself for what he did. And he still hates Snape, and would like do a lot to get rid of the Potions Master if only he could. He also blames Harry for telling on him.

Damn right, he's not safe. A good thing Remus is probably still around, or he'd probably forget that, too.

And now Harry is getting the feedback from Voldie having a hissy fit, really bad. He really should have called Ron, Snape was right about someone needing to be there.
1/3/2017 c29 shadow
12/28/2016 c19 harry4eve
Harrys Cloak can't be summoned by magic
12/13/2016 c29 23494572435
Please do not give up on this story! You have worked so hard on it, and it would be a shame to see it end hastily and seem unfinished. Take your time, and do it the way you want to; it's okay if you're not feeling it anymore, that happens to the best of us. Just do this fabulous story justice :)
(Maybe Sirius could recover, and try to get Harry back? Then he could witness how good Severus is for Harry, and rethink his hatred? Meh, just some ideas :P)
11/19/2016 c21 Blake2020
11/19/2016 c20 Blake2020
Excited chapter love the harry and severus bonding too
11/19/2016 c19 Blake2020
11/19/2016 c18 Blake2020
love it
11/19/2016 c17 Blake2020
11/19/2016 c16 Blake2020
Enjoy it and glad Snape save harry from his bad godfather?
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