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for Baloo Finally Get's His Wish

8/16/2014 c1 Tigress
7/19/2014 c1 Guest
I like that the cargo is TV's!
8/19/2013 c3 pottersparky
To be honest I'am a big baloo and becky being together fan but I think this needs work. My reason is the louie should had talk with baloo about loseing becky and kids with him because he is baloo's best friend. Becky should have been more heart broken over loseing baloo. I just story worrk better if deal with their feeling more but still I like it ok. Thanks for the read.
9/22/2012 c3 51dax0042
Love this story.
6/27/2012 c3 42omega1979
awwwwww the ending is so adorable, would love to have a sequel in which they all become a proper family and how it changes their dynamics
12/18/2011 c3 178Lavenderpaw
aww sweet. liked the romance. :)
12/14/2011 c3 1Fewtch
Short but sweet. Nice! I really liked the ending! :D
12/14/2011 c2 Fewtch
Man, its just money, money, money for Baloo...

Can't say I blame him though. :/
12/14/2011 c1 Fewtch
A spy, hmm? Nice twist!
12/14/2011 c3 3Starzinmieyez
This was a very short fic. It was a little rushed, but I liked the action in this chapter :) And your writing was good :)
12/12/2011 c1 5SHReid
Ah, baloo. Probably in the top five of my favorite disney characters. I've pretty much read only lion king fics up until this point, so this felt fresh and new.
12/8/2011 c3 DJ
yay Rebbeca and Balooing to get. married. You should build on this.
12/5/2011 c3 5
Hey boss. was wondering when you update again. Found you hare.

Good story brings back memories.
12/5/2011 c3 1chaosblast321
Good Story leaves my slightly wanting for more a sort of incomplete ending if you will. Slight grammatical errors(capitalizing, "", and commas in certain places, i would say spelling but we both know they are jsut puns). The story was on a whole good, i was slightly confused by the events and some of the dialougue was hard toy follow, well at least for me, also interesting thing though probably not in the script shere kahn could have been helping the Swatzi's. Anyways nice job on a whole enjoyable thouguh some parts were rough.

Catch ya laterr
12/1/2011 c3 steetboris
This was a pretty good TaleSpin fanfic!

I think you could improve on the characters reactions though. Dialogues are going too quickly. For example, when Baloo decides to leave Higher for Hire, this is too abrupt, it's like Baloo & Becky only exchanged two sentences before he decides to leave. Same thing when he proposed her.

Still, I liked that you got their personalities right and the little crossover with Ducktales!
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