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5/28/2012 c3 24tearthgrrl
You leave for vacation for TWO days and this is what happens. I couldn't be happier. :D

I was almost frightened for a moment that you were going to end this update with Lenore in her room surrounded by people, but you didn't and to my delight Ragamuffin made yet another appearance in which he and Lenore had another encounter. I've really pined for this 3rd chapter and you certainly make every update worth the wait. Your older Lenore is so in-character it's...well, hysterical. Just as she should be. :) So my commendations.

I also love how your writing style just keeps your readers asking questions. Where this could possibly go, what could possibly happen-so many "what if's". But I'll stop rambling, you've done a great job as always. And if you're busy take all of the time that you need. The end results are terrific :)

Ok, break's over. Time to break out the keyboard and do some writing of my own ;) 'Til later!
5/27/2012 c3 2NoCommentHere
Amazing, truly amazing! I really love the relationship between Ragamuffin and Lenore on this one. Can't wait for the next and please update faster, I just love it!
5/27/2012 c3 Lightbeauty
Poisdfiuahdu! Woah this story is SO AWESOME! *w*

The BEST Lenore fic I've read thus far.

Oh man I am wriggling around in anticipation :3
5/27/2012 c3 PurpleLightning12
Best chapter so far! It's getting really good :D
5/27/2012 c3 8Himawari-no-Ichizoku
You, my friend, are beyond awesome...I love you. Please update soon! XD
5/21/2012 c2 Raga222
You really should update this story...
5/19/2012 c1 unknown visitor
Very well written i am pleased to read this story so pretty please update soon and then i will give you cookies. Remember have fun and be creative with words and remember the cookies ;).
5/17/2012 c2 5PurpleLightning12
Love it! I've been waiting for you to update forever, so please do so soon. I'd really, really like to see what happens next! :)
5/15/2012 c2 Finish
First, like it says in the title finish ! Please this story has hooked, obviously it's not let me go either . (It hurts me to use mediforical language, but it seems I must) This is probably the best I've read of Lenore and Ragamuffin, I like what you did with this . So as said please finish .
4/11/2012 c2 8Himawari-no-Ichizoku
3/29/2012 c2 Zerrrrrobi
this is extremely well written. Probably one of the best, if not the best Lenore story I've read until now. I wanted to write an AU too, but yours is really good. I'm really looking forward for this one.
3/24/2012 c2 1Your Favorite Freak
Ooh I like. Older Lenore is diffrent, yet still likable. You do a great job with this, I also like your take on Lenore and Ragamuffin. Update soon :3
2/26/2012 c2 Shme
Wow! I absolutely love this story! Your writing is so superb!

I love how original this is! They only way that I can describe this is "fresh."

Pleas update soon!

1/20/2012 c2 cheekygirl
I like the first two chapters, quite intersting beginning. I will wait for the next cause I'm really curious about this one. Awesome writing.
12/26/2011 c2 Randome Person
Please Please Please I beg of you more I love it and hope you make more soon. 3
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