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for Saints Row: Redemption

11/27/2013 c10 1MisterMagic25
Awesome chapter actually... I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more on the update
10/25/2013 c9 alex 988
Cant wait for chapter 10!
10/17/2013 c9 MisterMagic25
Well it is about time you updated. i knew there was a reason i favorited and followed this story

I like jason alot as well good bad ass character i can relate him with my character

But anyway glad you updated can't wait for more
9/5/2013 c8 9He23t
A man this is awesome!
9/4/2013 c8 detheroc
Well i think it would be go good for Jason, so i can't wait to see what happen next. Good work. Will be looking forward to next chapter..Please, updater soon
8/2/2013 c7 CameronJay
Loving this fix. makes me wanna chloroform a small child
7/30/2013 c7 detheroc
It was interesting. Can't wait to read more. Good work, keep up a good work
7/26/2013 c6 detheroc
Good story, can't wait to see how it all developed. Good work. Keep it up.
5/28/2013 c6 alex 988
Can't wait for chapter 7!
4/14/2012 c4 alex 988
cant wait to see jason kick butt!
4/13/2012 c4 alex 988
cant wait for chapter 5!
1/27/2012 c3 2The Dragon of the North
Great story can't wait to see more
1/20/2012 c3 1AlbinoWings
The premise is interesting so far, though Raven's Watch seems to be too similar to the Syndicate. Then again, every crime organization is similar to each other. The leader sort of reminds me of Philippe. But moving on, I can't help but notice the shortness of the paragraphs. It's not really a bad thing as lines are easier to read than lang paragraphs. It just seems different. :)
12/18/2011 c2 1JopeAbedela
seems like the biginning of the game try to change it up a bit the first chapter was more independent which was much better
12/18/2011 c1 JopeAbedela
honestly. i actually liked this chapter :p but what what be a bit better is to get old character's in there. maybe even matt miller from the deckers.
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