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3/11/2015 c1 Lost
Interesting idea poor execution. Every characters voice was off, the gratuitous japanese took away from it, the medical procedures require permission and so do organ donations and he could have been kept alive on life support for a damn long time. All and all it felt like you didn't do the research and rushed. Very dissatisfied the idea has a lot potential.
8/9/2014 c18 62Glassed Loner
I know it's been more than a year since you last updated, but meh.

Great story, though a couple of grammatical and just plain old typos here and there, but still enjoyable even if the characters (coughHibaricough) are kind of ooc.

Still... I couldn't help but want to get some things straight. Is Chrome (aka Nagi or Hanagi (rabbit is "usagi" in Japanese, so I thought it should be "Unagi" (which means eel or cat-fish), but whatever) like Daemon? A spirit that left their bodies an possessed other people that kind of thing? (The whole Hibari having two of her organs as the things she needed to be connected to the Living is a bit confusing, for me.) It she is, I guess it kind of make sense - kind of, with Nagi possessing(?) Hibari. And didn't you say Haru is a "temporary" guardian? Doesn't that mean ten years later Lambo's still Tsuna's Lightning Guardian? Or maybe I misinterpret it somewhere...

But anyway, love the whole plot, story, and characterization of the girls - they have more depth in here rather than the canon - I hope to see the continuation of the story!
-G L.
5/24/2014 c3 1kasumi319
He would lecture her on the food chain XD Too much cute! Especially the flowers.
5/23/2014 c2 kasumi319
Aw! 3 Hibari's such a jerk. Such feels. It's funny to imagine Chrome haunting Hibari though lol. Don't the doctors see Hibari talking to himself and stuff?
7/8/2013 c18 4CrimsonSkyTamer
"Instead of sweetheart, how about you refer me as sir?" - RWBY Yang Xiao Long to Junior, lol

I watch RWBY too :D And love BAMF!Haru
6/22/2013 c18 47MayanMoonFlower
Yes i agree they needed more badass women!
And Chrome when she came out in the manga i just was like damn she looks tough!
But alas she was cute but i wanted to see her kick some ass!
So more please!
6/21/2013 c18 13creativesm75
6/19/2013 c18 9purpleicecrystals
Ahlalala! This is awesome! Haru finally has some badassery!
6/19/2013 c11 purpleicecrystals
Chrome is awesome! She's one of the most powerful people in the mafia! How dare those people F*** on about her being weak! Screw them and their brains!
6/19/2013 c18 2PondRiverWilliams
Haru is so bad ass please continue!
6/18/2013 c18 book14reader
i totally agree with you. i love KHR, but i do hate how they have so little girl power. looking at the manga, there's only Adelheid & Lai whom are the strong females. really looking forward how you takes this
6/17/2013 c4 9purpleicecrystals
No, because Tunafishy and Kyoko are really oblivious and believe in ghosts truly!
6/17/2013 c2 purpleicecrystals
NO! This is too depressing! NOOOOOOOOOOO!
6/17/2013 c18 san134
I fell from my chair everytime I read this story, what an AU fic! Interesting changes in charas and plot, I can't expect anything better than this, so . . . flawless ( . ờ v ớ)b keep it up !
6/17/2013 c18 yukiXsnow
This is where the plot changes drastically from the original and the fun begins. We have one thunder guardian nicknamed the Sky Witch, and a mist user who happens to be the vessel of a certain illusionist... How surprised will Tsuna and everyone be when they see their female friends TYL?
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