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5/6/2017 c1 7PrincessChiChi99
This is absolutely Sesshoumaru through and through. He has his own way of showing he cares without giving away he actually does.
11/21/2013 c1 overninethousand
hey there; sesshomaruandrinfaq . blogspot . com
sesshomaruandkagurafaq . blogspot . com
1/10/2012 c1 12Sandra Phillips
No, too short! Very sweet, not overly dramatic or angsty, but too short! ;)
12/7/2011 c1 3SilverKit'sFire
okay. that was cute. short, but cute :)
11/26/2011 c1 13icegirljenni
That was so sweet of Sesshoumaru. He would never let Rin wears that old torn kimono if she will to follow him.

Thanks for sharing. Take care.

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