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for I Gave It Up

5/25/2016 c1 85Inudaughter Returns
Hm? Well do write for the thrill of it. One can't rely on reviews. People are cheap.
4/17/2015 c1 50Gwydion
This was a really sweet, wistful one shot. The ending with the flash of pink and the feather were perfect!
11/19/2014 c1 12Chocolate-Covered-Coffee-Beans
This made me melt. Very short, but I was moved none the less. Thanks for sharing.
12/24/2011 c1 MrsFanel
'Twas a short and sweet read! ;P "Sorry-I gave it up." She answered simply. - Liked that part! ;)
12/8/2011 c1 AmethystWings
This was rather short than I prefer to read, but I liked it. It was poignant and wistful. Nicely done.

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