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6/25/2015 c2 aglaja73
Hej! Great story but you can't let it end this way! That's cruel :-) Please, go on with the next chapter. Please!
12/19/2014 c2 Guest
hope the update will not take too long to appear
8/22/2014 c2 Guest
:) the other chapter is coming, right?
6/13/2014 c2 Guest
Hope to see the ending! :)
3/24/2013 c2 2takeagillpill
This is one of the best slash stories ive read in a long while. Please update! I saw that you havent updated in forever but this story is too good to die.
12/22/2012 c2 Nagrom1996
OMG! This is amazing! I was so glad to find a fanfic that actually got Murtagh right! Pleasepleaseplease update soon!
12/20/2012 c2 AutumnIsNotSpring
Dude. This is, dude. I just, dude. That's all I can say. Dude. o.o MOREEE. Friggen MOREEE. D: I need Eragon to stop being a dumbass and kiss and make-up. They're only half-bros anyway, and gay incest is different from straight incest. Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself I'm not a creep for reading this? xP Anyway, dude, MOREEE.
Omigosh I am going to go insane if I do t get an update soon! I freaking loved this! Please please please update soon!
6/9/2012 c2 2Ashy Wings
My God, you're amazing! I love you! I bow to thee, my Queen! I have fallen for you and your writings! Oh, I may die of heartbreak if I don't get more of these amazing writings!

*cough* that was a hint *cough* ;)
5/19/2012 c2 2ForeverWithLove
Love this story, please keep writing!
4/29/2012 c2 4definatleynotafelineorcephalod
I assume that wasn't the end...?
1/18/2012 c1 terrifiedmafu
Oh, this is really good! Please, PLEASE, update! :3
12/30/2011 c1 lydia-chan
I really enjoyed the first part of this story! Please Update!

i want to find out what happens :)
12/3/2011 c1 Your Stalker
Fucking Awesome.
12/2/2011 c1 1T D'Amaze
I like your story, I really do. There aren't nearly enough RL Inheritance stories and yours is amazing. Its hilarious to be exact. I love the dialog, the general plot and the portrayal of all the characters. The one thing, and i'm starting to hate that this happens to me so much, is that I've gottten sucked into another slash story ~ this one including half incest (they share the same mother after all ). I had a feeling it was coming too. Since like the first paragraph after Murtagh had his emo outburst. Its not that I have a problem with slash, or the people that enjoy it, I just don't enjoy it myself. It doesn't help when it has to compete with my OTP. Still this stories great and I may end up reading the next chapter, who knows.

Sorry for the long ass review, which is basicly me talking about slash, I just let my fingers type away. Keep writing, because no matter what you write about, your really good ;).
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