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8/23/2012 c2 7judybear236
OK... Next!

Ummm... why "Daae" and not "de Chagny"?

And you need far more of an explanation of what scared Kristy and why "mother is now free".
11/30/2011 c2 Em J Loves you
here i am browsing whiles listening to The phantom of the opera 25th anerversary soundtrack and i just wanted to read a Love never dies fanfiction and i find yours and all i have to say is...


as the other reviewer said i guess the bad man is Raoul? i will always love Christine/Erik i think that's why i love the story of Love never dies i haven't seen Love never dies but i do know the story and i love the music!

i wonder if Gustaves sons and his daughter has the same talent as him?

again can you please update!
11/27/2011 c2 9katdancer
I like what you've done. I am assuming raoul is the bad man? And gustave being married just the thought of this talented family makes me smile :) I can't wait til your next update

K. R.

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