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4/4/2014 c3 Manillalu
I hope sakura gets taught a lesson! A painful one! she is such a beotch! Claiming hatred for a teammate on the first day! (love the story by the way) yup, make her feel weak and useless and bad for being a silly little fangirl!
4/4/2014 c4 Manillalu
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! cliff hanger! And it was at such an awesome moment too! This series is freaking awesome! Cute, light hearted, and well-written, I can't help but smile when i read!
3/31/2014 c4 3PenguinOtaku
I really love this fanfic and I hope that you continue this story because I really love the plot! I love how you shape the characters and I can't wait to read the next chapter!
3/20/2014 c4 liz
uodate soon please
3/8/2014 c4 Random Peep
Still updating?
2/3/2014 c4 bkrockshard
these are great and I hope you continue to post more
1/21/2014 c4 LavenderMYSTery
Wow, that has got to be one of the most frustrating little cliff hangers I have ever read. It wasn't evil, but it did annoy just a little bit. I almost forgot how annoying the little banshee could be until I read this chapter. Poor Sasuke. Although, Naruto would probably make it worth it soon.
Anyway, thanks for writing this sequel! It's great to know that there are writers out there who can write a great time travel fic, while being able to put in their own twist at the same time. In fact, i just started this series yesterday and was immediately hooked. Now, here I am! It was really easy to love your characters, and the story even more so. Usually, I would be ready to drop a fic with a NaruHina pairing, but you make it so natural. It wasn't overly mushy, but it was still cute and sweet. I also adore what you did with the whole Revelation between Naruto and Sasuke. He didn't go crazy. He chose to think things through, which is what I expected this timeline's Sasuke to do. You wouldn't believe how glad I am about Kyuubi being subtly put back into the story. I really missed the furry red ball. Speaking of missing things, I hope Garra comes back into the story some time soon.
Thank you again for posting this up! I sincerely hope that the next chapter will be up soon, but no rush!
1/19/2014 c4 Guest
More more more more!
1/17/2014 c4 5Igornerd
I loved the original, I'm loving the sequel and I hope you'll post a new chapter, even if it's been a while since the last time!
1/17/2014 c4 kyubbi lover 98
update please
1/12/2014 c4 2dragonstorm24
Please update this great story.
1/8/2014 c4 Sam
I hope you post more chapters soon, by the way the humor I was not expecting in the store or this one.
1/7/2014 c4 Guest
Nooooo! It was at the good part!
Lol love the story keep up the good work!
P.s. are you going to continue this story?
1/4/2014 c4 bart
this is a great story but I see you have not updated it in over a year are you still writing this story could you please let me know at
12/30/2013 c4 Guest
R u dead? 'Cus you haven't been on for almost a year.
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