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11/3/2013 c4 jay 8P
Oh the suspense. whats going to happen next? sasuke's reaction to when he sees naruto, if naruto's going to go through any physical changes. kakashis reaction to his book... I wonder what naruto replaced kakashi's book with. And sakura, sort of forgot she was this much of a fangirl. Really look forward to when tsunade gets a hold of her. This story is seriously awesome and i will probably never stop saying that. Please update soon.
10/21/2013 c4 13karliss
Eh quedado con guato a poco...
¿No vas a dejar el fic, cierto? Ojala que no.
Me han gustado mucho estos capítulos y lo que más quiero que aparezca es cuando Gaara va a Konoha para el examen Chunnin. ¡No puedo esperar!
10/19/2013 c4 KakashisGirl33
I have just re-read this and an unexpected beginning for the 3rd time! I absolutely love them! I am just wondering if you are planning on finishing this story? I have been patiently waiting for the next chapter but it has been quite a long time :( and the last chapter ended on quite a cliffy! I want to see what sort of changes Naruto goes through (though I do hope he doesn't get any fox traits ie, tails and that has been done too often). Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
10/13/2013 c4 joe
please update this story soon it is good
9/30/2013 c4 ytygr
please tell me this is going to be updated soon!
9/22/2013 c4 4yukihime88
will you still be updating? please update the next chapter!
9/22/2013 c4 PredatorPuck
Goddamm man(girl?) you can write, all the canon characters are exactly the same as you characters, And i love it you got some talent and thank you for the awesome story and i hope you update soon cya
9/20/2013 c4 LocaShimi
I really like this so far... I hope you will be continuing this really soon (0/_\0) - a wild Itachi appeared
9/18/2013 c4 dffnl
Thank you for writing this story! I enjoy the light aspects of the plot. I do worry that there will not be any enemies strong enough to face naruto.

I wish you would update more often, as I cannot wait to see how you handle the chuunin exams and other future events.
9/10/2013 c4 4jabbarulez
nice! and will you do an omake about what happened to the uchiha clan? pretty please?
8/24/2013 c4 5slytherin's daughter
This is very good... Have you abandoned it? It hasn't been updated for months.
8/19/2013 c3 dogluvva99
Thank god you didn't switch with Hinata!
8/15/2013 c4 DaStimulator
Awesome story so far. One question. When are you going to post more for this story because I CAN'T wait. My only negative thought about this story is Naruto and Hinata couple. Not a fan, but I still enjoy the entire story sequel and all. I noticed that you have only written a litle more than 4000 words per chapter , 4 chapters total, in 2 years. Not complaining, but I really like this story and want to find out all the other bad ass stuff Naruto will do. Thanks, keep up the great work.
8/11/2013 c4 1Crimsont3ar
I just wanted to say that i am glad u started a sequel, and hope u finish it :). You managed to re-write the future/past and that is really hard to do. So if i may ask, will Naruto b telling anyone else about his journey? Mainly Team 7 and Hinata. Anyway, good job, keep going, and pls update soon!
7/30/2013 c4 random
hi when are you going to do another chapter of Things change? becase so far its awesome!
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