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7/31/2012 c3 britt
please post its getting good
7/3/2012 c3 Guest
Cant wait to see the nxt chapter
6/30/2012 c3 Guest
love to hear more, though i'd wished that hinata was be on team 7 with the other two because then theyd be better off.
6/28/2012 c3 4twilightromance4ever
you're still posting right? RIGHT? i really have enjoyed both stories! They're fantastic!
6/24/2012 c3 jay 8P
please update soon. this is getting very interesting. cant wait to know what happens next.
6/23/2012 c3 3Ahry
love it hope you update soon!
6/4/2012 c3 Abby-chan15
Had me on the edge of my seat (or should I say bed via laptop) the whole time. I can't wait for the next chapter :D
6/3/2012 c3 QU073
5/21/2012 c3 wildchild22
i love this version of a naruto timetravel, you have done an awesome job in writing it. fast became one of my top 5 fav's.

looking forward to the next chap :D

keep up the good work.

5/20/2012 c3 1lilanimefan247
Great job, plz update soon
5/20/2012 c3 RedEYES-Fallen
Love this story!

I hope Sakura will become normal again soon.

She's one of my favorite characters but I really can't stand her in her fan-girl fase.

I also hope that when she grow up she maybe can be with Sasuke.

And Hinata is sooooooo cute!
5/17/2012 c3 jay 8P
awesome story. and it's hilarious. but younger sakura still annoys the hell out of me. you're a good writer. the characters arent out of character at all. anyway wonder what happened to itachi. hope you update soon seeing that you havent update this story in like a month.
5/11/2012 c3 3Kio 'Key-Oh
3 Chapters in and already 140 (inlcuding mine) reviews. As always your story is well detailed and a the chapters are a good length.

Will look forward to reading more :)
5/9/2012 c3 artsycherry
You are AWESOME!
5/7/2012 c3 SunshineTakara
Yay! An update! ^o^ Its been sooooo long since the last one! I think...
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