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4/9/2016 c5 Shadowlady12
Amazing plot and story development. I love it!
4/1/2016 c5 damonagui
Will you continue you this story it is extremely good?
3/23/2016 c5 42KageOkami-Kogo
This is fantastic so far! I loved the previous story and read it pretty quick, jumped right into this one after I devoured it. I hope you'll find the time to update this some time!
3/18/2016 c2 Marie
I love it. Want more. Please update soon
1/28/2016 c5 CothN
Oh, my log. This might be one of best time-travel fan fiction I will ever read. For some strange reason, I almost never review. Even if I have something to say. Quick question, do you have any idea for other pairings? Because if you do tell me!

I really adore NaruHina, I dunno why always have and always will. Also ShikaTema. Anyways great stories.
Ja Na may the log be with you!
1/25/2016 c5 epinto6
I really enjoyed this story and hope to read more of it and definetly one of my favorites
1/17/2016 c5 Myth689
;-; I want more. It's sooo frikin good, you haven't updated in like 6 months. Please tell me it's not abandoned I really like this story.
1/11/2016 c5 3clio1111
Nice one. Does Hiashi know about their dates? Will Naruto get the "Talk"? Hope 4 more soon.
1/10/2016 c5 Guest
Aby chance of an update anytime soon? Im loving the story
10/20/2015 c5 Guest
Please tell me there will be loving this story...and its been a few months since u last updated
10/17/2015 c5 11Serenarey Chiba
Looking forward to what comes next.
10/17/2015 c5 LeafTwin1
Awesome story! It was brilliant, this chapter. I love how Kurama came up with a way to make Naruto still be alive and better, in a way, and that Naruto can experience something normal (even though no one like having a fever and being achy.) I think the ending was wonderful and cute. You're a wonderful author and writer. I always look forward to reading this and o really hope the next chapter is up soon; you're story is quite wonderful and lovely to read. Cheers and ta!_
10/15/2015 c5 Hahahahahah
Yes best one Eva update soon
10/11/2015 c5 1Mystical-Elf-Of-Sorrow
awwww, adoreable
10/1/2015 c5 MinatoiscuteXD
Aww don't stop here~~ Continue! So excited for what's next! What with Naruto and his new erm abilities! XD XD XD

Plus your NaruHina is so cute and I totally love your Minato 3, just what I'd expect him to be like. I read through An Unexpected Beginning before reading this and normally I wouldn't start reading a fanfic that's not completed coz well some fics aren't updated till like years later and all, don't like to be left hanging you now? HAHAHA!
Well the point is I couldn't help starting this coz well what I've read so far was awesome and this should be as well. I actually read the previous one twice before I decided to read this hehe. Not tht it wasn't awesome the first time but the first time I read it Things Change barely had any chapters:(

I just hope you'll have the inspiration and time to continue regularly updating:) Don't want to forget the story by the time the next chap is up;)

Oh I like Kyuubi/Kurama too. Well when he's nice. Maybe more of their interaction in the story is nice:) I love the Minato/Naruto moments as well XD just sad that he's growing out of the kiddy age and we won't have as much of those. Sigh~
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