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for The Queen who fell to Earth

11/30 c4 N. A. Wennerholm
Boy does what you have written sound to much Like what I have learned about my dear distant cousin. And from what I have learned from family History.

As for the Death Penalty It was not done away with until 1998 this Story takes place in the years of 1994 to 1995 and maybe into 1996. So yes the Queen could very well issue the death penalty to the Rebellious British magical Community. And besides The Ministry for Magic and most of its employees are guilty of Treason as be sedition. Something to think about. And what those aurora as did To the Grangers us worthy of just that. The while effing community has forgotten that they are subjected to the authority of the Queen and her agents and her laws whether they like it or accept it. And Quite frankly far to many have forgotten the meaning of their oaths. That is one thing I with was included in this story is the oaths that all ministry workers and The Wizengamont Members have to take. Thus giving and those fools a good since if just how bad the Wizards and Witches have screwed up. One thing I really hate with far to many fanfictions where they Write the British Wizarding World are a different culture and even viewing them as a separate country living within a country when 5hey are actually one and the same. And Subject to the same laws as everyone else. They cannot pass laws that are opposite of common law they can only add sub-clauses to the law to take into account magic.
11/8 c18 CarolsSister
So Arthur survived the fight at the ministry, but nothing about Percy. Please don't misunderstand me, I wouldn't shed a single tear if Percy either died during the battle or spends the rest of his life jailed somewhere. I also wouldn't shed any salt tears if Rita got to experience what it is like to be the puck when cats decide to play hockey.
11/8 c15 CarolsSister
Sorry for the cut off comment from the previous chapter - not being totally awake and typing out messages on a hand held device almost guaranteed some sort of problem, be it spelling or continuity. Regardless, if I can locate any worth having, Alyx is due some pretty sharp dangerous items sue to her ideas regarding glass in condoms and Ronniekins and Snape. (I do think that just having to endure each other's speech patterns might be a level of torture in and of itself.). And I did not forget the intrepid author who might have o to make a strategic exit due to contemplating llamas as a food source - a lifetime supply of Dunkin' Donuts. (Sorry, but I am located about five miles from DD University, so I must support the local economy.)

200 Snapes performing Riverdance huh? Beats my comment of an all chimp production of Riverdance.

This comment has the advantage of having read this chapter and the comments, so I got to see your explanation regarding Newt's deviation from what I perceived to be his norm. I can see the whole steak thing (you would have had me at bacon) it was the "humane" method of death that got me. (I am currently away from my home computer which is the only electronic device I allow to be infected with e-mail, so sorry for all of the comments clogging up your story.).
11/8 c14 CarolsSister
This is one of the only times I will question something I am finding ever so slightly out of character, and this is in regard to many (and especially the one opening this chapter) quotes from Newt Scamander and his book. He seems to have drifted from his almost Hagrid like love of animals to one more closely aligned with those wizards who view dragons as non-sentient but useful livestock. Not bitching here just an observation.

If I manage to locate any,
11/7 c10 CarolsSister
Thank you for taking the idea of Weasleys off the table.
11/7 c4 CarolsSister
I can't say I will miss the red-headed human garbage disposal. Now if Fudge could get that damn absurd green hat of his flambed...
11/7 c2 CarolsSister
Thank you for reminding me of the Dragonriders of Pern saga. It has been too long since I re-read those books. (I will have to recapture them from the grand-nephew, so it might take a while.)
10/29 c11 1Dragon Emperor Rakhan
I couldn't tell you how many times I've reread this chapter. The moment where you introduce the handlers from Maziang and their reactions to discovering the sentience of their dragons; it just melts my heart every time I read it. The reality check given to the government officials about what a dragon is capable of was very well handled; no one ends up looking foolish, just in need of more information. I eagerly look forward to more!
9/11 c5 attacktitan100
It looks like a good story except for some points in logic.
1) is the stone have heat infinite time, there is no need for bugging it not than once.
2) I think ministry is right to erase Hermione as it was too protect themselves, allowing the existence of magic without control mainly to someone who abandoned it like Hermione will result in statue of secrecy breach.
3) while I hate Snape, all he did was report a student discontinued education to ministry which is something that's the right think to do to protect secrecy of wizards
7/1 c1 Li-Ion89
I like this dumbledore already. An old man will make mistakes and you making him accountable to actions makes him a btter man any in the corrupt wizarding world. The shaming was nicely done-hogwarts prides itself to be the best of them but knowing that its own was harmed and ridculed cannot be swept under the rug. Love that scene
6/20 c4 Guest
Draca malformed a dragon rider, only stupidity can think that is good. Unfortunately this is just shitty crap and moronic story
6/19 c1 Guest
The stupidity show by malformed and how moronically he accept the punishment show you will safe his stupid gay ass. In small words so you can understand them, he was a bully, he was a moron and most of all he deserve to dye on a horrible way as you will safe his ass you are on the same shit pit as him. Mediocrely start dropping to bad
6/20 c1 3abbyweyr
Katmom sent me. I'm not a big Harry Potter fan and don't remember much of what I read way back when. Enjoyed this first chapter and was able to follow along pretty well.
4/20 c1 keht.jelicho
oh! nice I hadn't even considered a Pern/potterverse crossover (well beyond thinking that firelizards would be AWESOME familiars to have for potterverse) and the fact that this is dedicated to the late and very much Great author herself just makes me all the more interested in reading. Anne McCaffrey and her Pern series (specifically the Harper Hall trilogy) was THE series and world that got me interested in reading when I was a kid. Several years later I came across Harry Potter at a school book fair just as Chamber of Secrets had just been released and that series was still mostly unknown, but by then Pern had already hooked me and nothing could replace it in my heart. What I have heard so often since Harry Potter came out about how it was 'The series' that got many of my peers interested in reading I felt for Pern. So while Pern isn't as impactful for many people my age as Harry Potter is, for me to come across a crossover of both series that have had such an impact on my childhood (one personal and the second cultural) and introduction to Reading, that is a great joy. Thank you for writing this, and all the more so for the dedication to one of my favorite authors.
4/11 c18 1lilashannah
I have back and read this story more then once. actually I've read all of your stories more then once.. your disclaimers make me laugh and your stories are genuinely awesome.
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