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1/12/2013 c8 1youngandmature
I think the other vampire that left its scent trail for Edward to save Bella is either Charlie or Renee.
12/31/2012 c14 AnnMarciaCullen
I don't know how I missed this story until now, but it was amazing. Wonder piece of work, very captivating and heartfelt at the same time. Great job!
12/12/2012 c14 bookworm1234
Beautiful story. I love the way you write.
12/10/2012 c14 k1942
You did a fabulous job, writing this story, and I truly loved every word. This was one of the best Edward's I have ever read. Thank you so much.
12/10/2012 c13 k1942
The conversation between Edward and Carlisle was so very touching, I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Kind of makes it hard to see what I'm writing.
12/10/2012 c12 k1942
This is a decision that they both need to make, yet I don't know how they can! I vote for the both of them to be happy forever, and to have a family, with Alice and Jasper and the blonde and her mate. Then again, I'm a selfish old woman, who wants love and happiness for everyone.
12/10/2012 c11 k1942
I wonder why Alice tells him it has to happen soon? Poor Father Carlisle, he'll be gone soon from the sound of it. Edward better pay attention, especially when the old man asks if he's been found. Seems like it, to me anyway.
12/10/2012 c10 k1942
Now I see why the vampire led Edward to where Jimmy was about to kill Bella. Alice is obviously one of the good guys! Wonder how Bella knows her?
12/10/2012 c9 k1942
I hope that his confession has eased some of his pain and guilt. That in some way, Bella may be his salvation, he wants so much to be forgiven.
12/10/2012 c8 k1942
Looks like it took killing the little girl, and her calling him angel, to bring Edward to the priesthood. That is some penance he's taken on his shoulders!
12/10/2012 c7 k1942
I hope it really is some comfort to Edward, to be able to supply some solace to Leah. It's a damn shame when a young person has to deal with dying way, way before their time! Now I'm scared some vampire is going to hurt Bella! Hurry Edward, and save her!
12/10/2012 c6 k1942
He treads such a dangerous line here, getting to know more about who she is, becoming more caught up in what kind of a person she is. The more he learns, the more he's drawn to her. I'm not seeing how this ends well, for either of them.
12/10/2012 c5 k1942
There's that tug, that inexplicable pull to what he can only think of as his cross to bear. He will try to keep Bella safe, because he senses that Jimmy is a danger. Probably not as great as he is himself, but a danger to Bella, never the less.
12/10/2012 c4 k1942
Don't think Carlisle will have any answer for Edward, that he would accept, anyway. He's convinced that God hates him, since he sent Bella and her delicious blood , to torment him. I wonder if it's only her blood he craves?
12/10/2012 c3 k1942
Bella's sorrow will be her salvation, from Edward's bloodlust, at least. Whatever else will happen between them is the mystery I can't wait to discover.
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