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6/13/2012 c2 Edward'sDJ
Presumably the end of Edward's career in the Church is nigh...
6/12/2012 c14 DeeLF10
The descriptions and details made this an amazing story! I wish it was longer...
6/12/2012 c14 1AnjieNet
Had to be so difficult for Edward to give up the collar but I'm glad he was able to realize he could have Bella and God both. What a wonderful read. Look forward to another story from you!
6/12/2012 c14 bmw140
Very intense and beautiful!
6/12/2012 c14 trixielou
I read your warning at the beginning. I will admit I waited till you were complete to start to read. But OH my Gosh. What an awesome view of his struggle.

Your words were wonderful and you made his struggle feel very real. I am sure the clergy do find it hard at times, I mean no disrespect in those terms.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us. What a very heart felt read.
6/12/2012 c14 lynnpepper77
This story has been a pure pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing it with us.
6/12/2012 c14 1vampyregirl86
oh i always love ur stories, im so glad this one wasnt a quite long one and it was easy to follow. thank u so much for sharing this wonderful gift u have
6/12/2012 c1 switchfootgrl
Thank you for sharing this story. It has been a pleasure to read and is one of my favorite ffn stories. I loved this Edward.
6/12/2012 c14 RubyLou
Gorgeous story!
6/12/2012 c14 insanemum
Just wonderful and beautiful. You should be really proud. This has been a joy to read.


(Twific Crackmum on fb)
6/11/2012 c1 Edward'sDJ
Fascinating start; Edward's intensity is scary.
6/11/2012 c14 28Rochelle Allison
loved this.

thank you...

6/11/2012 c14 lala43
Again, you have made me look at priests in a different light. It's a big issue, in the Church, on the "recruitment" of American priests. My parish has two wonderful priests, both of whom have chosen to sing (great tenors), do a little Latin and are Filipinos. I wonder if there is a "Seth" in my congregation?

Your definition of atonement, confession and forgiveness is something I will not forget.

Thank you!
6/11/2012 c13 mzgypsy
this story is awesome...i loved this chapter...where Carlisle tells him that he is forgiven already...most people don't understand that the asking is all that is needed...
6/11/2012 c14 JTFanFic
Perfect. I love how Edward still holds on to his faith but still has Bella too. Beautifully written story with a lot of faith and love. I enjoyed this so much. I'm already looking forward to your next fic!
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