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6/11/2012 c14 motherbeatrice
I have to say it again, this was such a beautiful story, I enjoyed every word of it...happy that Edward has found peace in his heart with Bella at last...

Thanks for writing this...
6/11/2012 c14 arfalcon
Wonderful ending! I loved the way you wrote this part of the story, letting Edward's visit with Seth take our focus off the specifics of Bella's change. The way you let then story unfold slowly in response to Seth's questions was genius. I really enjoyed this thoughtful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
6/11/2012 c14 EdwardandBella4everFan
Wonderful, Powerful. Thank you for sharing.
6/11/2012 c14 2StellaBlueBella
Such an interesting tale and a much overlooked yet prevalent theme in cannon. Thanks for sharing with us.
6/11/2012 c14 Darcyfan14
You're a Wonderful Writer. Thank You for this awesome story.
6/11/2012 c14 J Chesney
God, how I love your writing. I sat down and read this last night and I really loved it. It was a beautiful story, with a beautiful ending. Thank you for sharing with us.
6/11/2012 c14 1littlelizruth
thank you. i loved that story! i wil miss it.
6/11/2012 c14 28Rebadams7
A journey lone, long


a pause too long, a beat

resounding into emptiness

to fill the stop


incarnate adoration

as angels rush to fill

the plan in sense divine

as such one is created



as such the waters roll

and silence ends the day

accepting grace thus delivered

to choose the gift

the holy stay

Requiem pax luiminum est

(forgive my poor excuse for latin, humbly offered for your brilliant narritive)

6/11/2012 c14 majose
That must have been a damn hard choice to make and I do not knw what impact it would have in a relationship to make such a choice.

I forgot to say last chapter that Carlisle confirming that Edward was different cackled me up. And that his story with Esme was so very sad!
6/11/2012 c13 majose
Such a beautiful chapter. I waited to read it until you posted the final one, so here I come!
6/11/2012 c14 16Jessypt

First, congrats on completing this! I remember when you first started working on it when we were doing the writing group with 22blue and you were giving us little teasers.

Second, I am truly speechless. This piece of your work feels so complete. The flow, the characters, the plot, the whole thing... simply perfection.

I love how you don't feel the need to fill in every single detail and when you give us the bits and pieces it just... works. This chapter in particular was stunning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.

Jess xoxo
6/11/2012 c14 blueeyes11354
Lovely ending. Thanks for writing. :)
6/11/2012 c14 Hahny
Perfect ending, he’s happy but still introspective. He seems to have the best of both worlds; he’s kept his religion but has love now too. There’s something comforting about routine and he’d had a routine for how many years? I hope he’ll be truly happy when Bella is his routine. (I make it sound like they're real people.)

Thank you for sharing another good read. I’m looking forward to the end of An Angry Man and to reading your next story.
6/11/2012 c13 blueeyes11354
Might be my favorite chapter. I love those epiphany moments where suddenly everything makes sense. :)
6/11/2012 c12 blueeyes11354
Fade to black better fits the story. :)

I really feel for the impossible position he is put in. Someone is going to get hurt.
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