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6/10/2012 c14 2lisamichelle17
I have to tell you that the title of this chapter got my curiosity. I watched that show back in the day *winks* You and your beta is such an awesome team together but you know this already. This chapter was perfect. It had it all to me. You gave us a glimpse of Edward's past, present and future. I loved the interaction between Edward and Seth. Edward will remain a part of his life. That is awesome in my eyes. I also love how playful Edward and Bella are together. They are newly married, obviously. It seems that Edward is going to be a pastor at a new church. I look forward to you revealing Militaryward to us. Thank you for writing, always.
6/10/2012 c14 Changedbyreading
This story could not have been more perfect. Thank you.
6/10/2012 c14 SillyJilly123
This has been such a beautiful story. All the way from start to finish I've loved reading your words. Not once did I feel like you were trying to preach or say certain beliefs were right or wrong. Instead you gave us a story that felt real for the characters. It was moving and touching. It made me cry. But it made me think some too which is not really that common in fanfiction. Thank you for that. Thank you for taking a risk with this subject. You pulled it off beautifully. You're already on my alerts so I'll definitely be reading anything else you put out!
6/10/2012 c2 blueeyes11354
How one moment can undo a lifetime of work.
6/10/2012 c14 Intsu
Thank you for your wonderful depiction of Edward the priest and his conflict with his past and his present. You have provided hours of thoughtful contemplation. I look forward to any new stories you will be writing - I have you on author alert so that I won't miss anything.
6/10/2012 c14 1Theoneandonly Mrs EdwardCullen
Thank you for sharing your wonderful story :)
6/10/2012 c1 blueeyes11354
I've been waiting for this to complete so I could read and now it is. :)

The start is most certainly interesting and different. It's a good combination to spend some time in.
6/10/2012 c14 mrafiki19
I don't think I have anything original to say - every chapter has been beautiful. This was just a sigh of completion and contentment. Loved it, loved the line "long-lived doesn't mean forever-dead" - beautiful.

6/10/2012 c14 1KL93
Hooray for he happily ever after. Now they are somewhere together forever. :)
6/10/2012 c8 KatHat4
Lacrimosa dies illa - Tearful will be that day. Jimmy was def delusional. So sad that he sucked down that little girl!

Wonder who that other vamp was?

Maybe we shall see!
6/10/2012 c7 KatHat4
Confutatis maledictis - while the confused are silenced.

His visit with Leah was heart-clenchy.

Another vampire? Maybe I was relieved too soon about Jimmy...
6/10/2012 c6 KatHat4
Pie Jesu - Merciful Jesus! So beautiful to witness them getting to know each other, even if it's just on the walks home.!
6/10/2012 c5 KatHat4
Rex tremendae- King of great majesty! Well, he's taking baby steps to get closer to her by walking her home, even though he is protesting every step of the way. Jimmy aka I'm sure 'James', forebodes some scary stuff. At least he's not a vamp!
6/10/2012 c12 2Eve-gone-bad
So in my understanding we are getting to the end? if is so I think this is a story with dept and consistency that I haven't seen in a long time. Thanks for writing this.

6/9/2012 c1 Emibella
Very very very good job. You have a talent for painting beautiful pictures and writing stories that go somewhere with real thoughtfulness. You were not disrespectful nor did you attempt to be overly-shocking. You crafted a story that felt true to your own characters. That is high praise! ;) Love, Someone Who Never Reviews xxox
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