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5/1/2022 c14 AnakinSmom
I don't know how I missed reading this years ago but I'm so happy that someone rec'd it recently. I felt every moment of his pain and then his ultimate joy. Thank you so much for this lovely piece!
1/6/2022 c1 OwensMama
Coming back around to say I can’t stop thinking about this hours later. The scene where Carlisle talks about Esme just broke my heart!
1/6/2022 c14 OwensMama
Beautiful! Thank you!
1/6/2022 c13 OwensMama
Many tears!
1/6/2022 c10 OwensMama
Ok, my thoughts are that Alice is her friend from Washington that suggested she move to Chicago because Alice wanted to thank Edward for being kind to Jasper and she saw it all play out. I love your characters!
12/8/2021 c14 Sydalee
Sometimes I feel like I’ve read it all…then you stumble across a gem like this. Thank you for the incredible story!
11/18/2021 c14 ela
Thank you,this is a beautiful and touching story !
10/29/2021 c14 Suzy Q Something
I finished your story Operation Break the Dawn yesterday and loved your writing so much that I had to look at your other previous works posted.
I just got done with this one and oh my gosh, fantastic

You have a way of bringing out raw emotion in the words. Absolutely talented
Thank you so much for sharing and providing my mind with a temporary escape from reality.
Do you have more in the works?
If you have anything ever published, please please let me know. I would buy any of it immediately.
9/26/2021 c14 readicted
I really appreciate that you didn't have cartoonish villains. You wrote characters who were lost or troubled, some with terrible vices, yet you still gave them humanity. Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Seth and Leah, Even Sam felt true to canon, while existing in this world you created. Everything didn't end with sunshine and rainbows, yet the resolutions felt earned and satisfying.
9/26/2021 c1 readicted
I've had this fic on my tbr list for a very long time. Always intended to read it, but...just never did. Then one of my fic friends, zveka rec'd it. I'm glad that I finally got to read an enjoy this gem of a fic. It's really a very good, quiet, heartfelt read. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm adding it to my favorites list.
8/27/2021 c14 Zveka
great story, thank you for sharing
8/19/2021 c14 anyagal
This is one of the best AU stories ever written. You are so incredibly talented. Thank you!
9/13/2020 c14 Jibson01
There are no words for how well this was written. Your take on the characters; the way you capture their pain, regrets, especially Edward's inner turmoil, it's all so very moving... This was an absolute read, thanks for sharing.

10/29/2019 c14 Freya
Really many thanks for such an amazing story! You're very talented. Please continue to write and develop your talent! Thanks!
1/25/2019 c14 diamondnightskies
I cannot begin to tell you how incredible this story is! I do not consider myself religious, more along the lines of agnostic, but this was really moving. Carlisle at the end...perfection!
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