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8/29/2013 c14 meelee72
Aww, my heart swells.
What a beautiful story. & u told it so well.
I truly loved it. - Thank u so much for sharing ur work.
Now, lemme see what else I can get into. ;)
8/29/2013 c13 meelee72
That whole chapter was so touching. & so telling.
All the revelations Edward is expereincing has him on a rollar coaster. He is so torn.

But, the end, w/ Carlisle... That was the best. Oh man, that really got me. - I hate to see him go. But w/ his faith & good works, there is beautiful place waiting for him.

One chapter left!
8/29/2013 c12 meelee72
Damn, this is getting twisty. - I see why Edward's world is spinning.

- Poor baby Seth. Life gets hard & people u love die, & sometimes it just downright sucks. :/

I cannot BELIEVE the archbishop just straight up told Edward he is to take Carlisle's place. - If E thinks hard about it, he really never could. He won't age. There's no way he can stay long enough to lead the church.

- I love Bella's proclaim of her love for Edward. I love that she says "choose me" - & I love that they may be about to make love, or at least become a little more intimate... just her hands under his shirt did that.
I didn't think I'd get into a story like this, but leave it to u to make it amazing
8/29/2013 c11 meelee72
I love that Alice was the girl in the coffee shop. :) & I love the way u do that! Just a quick sentence in passing, telling a short tale, & it later becomes super significant. :) - awesomeness.

Are u lost or are u found? Leave it to Carlisle & his ever knowing wisdom... I guess I can squash my hopes that he'll be changed... :/

- Edward made Jasper. Wow. - I'm so glad Alice came along. - We always need us some Alice. ;))

What next? ... -
8/29/2013 c10 meelee72
Whaaaaaat? Bella knows Alice!?... Loving the twists, woman. :)
- Carlisle's health is going down hill?.. :(

"He loves her." - Those 3 words, after the paragraph before it, made my heart melt.

Ok, gotta ses what's hap'nin! -
8/29/2013 c9 meelee72
Love it! Love the background u gave them both. - Love this retelling of Bella finding out that Edward is a vampire, & a new kind of love story between them.
8/29/2013 c8 meelee72
O, I was on the edge of my seat! - I was also surprised at the scene that Edward came upon. I thought it'd be the other vamp, not Jimmy. [U always surprise me] :)) - Anyway, I'm obviously glad that E saved B, but upset for Edward's guilt over the kill & the fact that he hadn't done so in so long & now he has. :/ ... Of course, he punishes himself.

The flashback made me flinch. I didn't want him to drain the little girl, but when she showed him ths cut on her hand I knew they were both done for. :(
& then he threw it up! I know it sickened him, he sickened himself.
I'm glad he found St. Marks.

I wonder what will happen w him & Bella now, & I wonder about this other vamp.

Don't tell me!
8/29/2013 c7 meelee72
Oh wow, that was so sad. I cried for Leah. I'm glad Edward could bring her a small level of comfort. - Poor baby. :(

"Damn another soul" ? - Edward made someone? Can't wait to find out about that.

And now we have another vampire in our mist...
Let's see what's up w/ that. -
8/28/2013 c5 meelee72
Yea, walk w/ her, Father Edward.
8/28/2013 c3 meelee72
8/28/2013 c14 AnuluvesTwilightSeries
What a wonderful story I loved it. Short and sweet and I loved your Carlisle in this he was just amazing. And m so glad Carlisle made Edward realize that he is no longer a monster after what he did to people as a Father. And so glad bella came to edward's life and completed him. Anyways i adored this story you are very good with words kudos and thanks for sharing the story.
7/19/2013 c14 iChaos
Thank you so much for posting this beautiful story.
7/19/2013 c13 iChaos
I read that entire chapter through barely un-shed tears.
7/19/2013 c12 iChaos
When faced with an irreconcilable pardox, a wise man once said: "I will do what I must."

In other words, there is no wrong way for this story to end.
7/19/2013 c11 iChaos
For a second there, I started to doubt the credibility of this alternate version of Jasper. After this chapter however, I am suitably mollified.

Also, Carlisle is a saint by any far as I am concerned, his irrevocable goodness is now and always will be the bedrock upon which the Twilight universe is built.
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