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6/10/2013 c8 Ryuu-hime
Loved ur fanfic and how u were able to make it very unique from all the other fanfic which are very similar to each other.
Btw please write the lord of the rings fanfic that u were thinking of writing. Oh and btw im for ur decision of pairing with aragon haha i prefer him over legolas as well ;)
So yea i hope to read ur lord of the rings fanfic in future x)
1/21/2013 c8 6BlackKittenMaid
the ending song was awesome! I love it!
12/19/2011 c4 2LittleMissDreamer7
Hey hey hey! :-) I love it again as usual :-) I love the twist with the Govenor Swan. At least he had a happy ending. What did you mean about LOTR? How will she get there? I neeeeeeed to see SH! My life depends on it!..Stupid England release dates ;-(
12/16/2011 c3 LittleMissDreamer7
LOVED IT! *sings wedding theme* heheheee! Lord of the Rings is an amazing book and film and I completely agree with you about Aragon…but there are hardly any Aragon/OC stories ;( pleeeeeaaaasssse write a story for it! And because the story includes different species and the Valinor (the elvish gods) you could make such an amazing story!
12/15/2011 c3 1Cooky Crumbla
Great chapter!
12/5/2011 c2 2LittleMissDreamer7
Oh I love it love it love it! Sneaky bitch face Liz! I hate her with a passion! Oh well...anyway can't wait for the next chapter as always!
12/4/2011 c2 1Cooky Crumbla
Loved it! Lol! It was quite amusing too. Great chapter!
11/29/2011 c1 6Savannah's Angels
Been wait for this to come out. Can't wait for more!
11/29/2011 c1 1Cooky Crumbla
Great chapter!
11/29/2011 c1 2LittleMissDreamer7
Cool! I think this is the only story that really describes Destiny and her magic...ITS AMAZING! I can't wait for the next chapter and the Alice in Wonderland story...
11/28/2011 c1 Zoek80
Yay new story, glad you're back, great start!

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