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for Of Fairies and Ponies

1/9/2019 c12 9ArtsyChic
What a fun crossover story! Loved it! Can't wait for more of your future stories!
1/9/2019 c2 ArtsyChic
I love this chapter! That "feels like I'm hearing my own voice" part is hilarious, especially considering both Timmy and Twilight are voiced by the versatile and multi-talented Tara Strong. I'm guessing Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof are Breezies? Keep up the good work!
1/9/2019 c1 ArtsyChic
Awesome chapter! :D
5/9/2018 c12 Brave Chaser
AHHH! The Doctor! AHHHH! My Little TimeLord! *fainting*
5/9/2018 c11 Brave Chaser
Am I the only one thinking Timmy's jokes are Cheesy?
5/9/2018 c10 Brave Chaser
Egh! I still can't believe Tootie likes Timmy!
5/9/2018 c9 Brave Chaser
I thought that to do a Rainboom you need rainbow hair!
5/9/2018 c8 Brave Chaser
Oh no!
5/9/2018 c7 Brave Chaser
Oh. uh, who's the Griffon? Rainbow's old friend?
5/9/2018 c6 Brave Chaser
I expected something different, but whatever.
5/9/2018 c5 Brave Chaser
2 trixies. I knew this was going to happen!
5/9/2018 c3 Brave Chaser
I have no idea what to say.
5/9/2018 c2 Brave Chasere
Wait, they sound like Breezies!
5/9/2018 c1 Brave Chaser
*Smiling* It would be cooler if they met Ladybug and Cat Noir. wait, wrong Fanfic
10/7/2016 c1 Robbie Street
Maybe you should try to make this into an animation video. Or you could try to get the people who writes the fairly odd parents and mlp and get them to actually make this into a tv episode.
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