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12/30/2011 c3 1crazywolf1991
Hey man great chap it was awesome lol I like this story I look forward to this story so I want another chapter
12/30/2011 c3 SuperNinja94
Great chapter, I can't wait for the next one, so I wish u the best of luck with next chapter, the rest of this story, and all ur other stories, until next time, JA NE AND HAPPY NEW YEARS!
12/18/2011 c1 3darkalphadragon
I hope haku and zabuza come back and that haku,Sakura,hinata,ten ten, and temari fight for naruto

Sasuke will have ino
12/17/2011 c2 darkalphadragon
your the best but i wish u would continue Hidden Love or make this a sequel having haku and zabuza in the village and sakura loving naruto
12/13/2011 c2 10HarleyQueenEmpire
I hope you do that i ,love a sakura harmen
12/10/2011 c2 TheNightingale13
I think a sakura harem would be weird. I wouldn't a narusaku even thought i personally prefer sasusaku.I would like like to see sasuke with tenten personally she is a good fit for him. So you could go ino tenten with sasuke and sakura and hinata with naruto. Also later you could add anko, temari tayuya and others in the story
12/3/2011 c1 HarleyQueenEmpire
Aw I really want Sakura and Naruto 2gether
11/30/2011 c1 2God Emperor Of GAR-halla
Umm, It's okay. I would prefer Naruto with Sakura, and Sasuke should have Ino and someone else instead, but this seems fine for now.

Not really a Naruhina fan, though, so I might not like this fic as much as Hiddne Love.
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