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for The Mysterious Bond

3/26/2012 c2 puma1sunfire
Great Story! I am really liking it so far and look forward to updates.
3/21/2012 c2 3one.who.reads
ding ding ding, we have a winner! don't leave us hanging now!
3/20/2012 c2 Left for Milk
Oh snap! That was really good! The part with Sakura and the frying pan had me laughing out loud. It's good to see naruto making friends and the last part was really good!

Update quickly I want to see where this goes :D
3/19/2012 c2 Gaiseric
I'm liking how this is going so far, it's an interesting premise for a story.

I'd like to see more before I have any definite feelings, but so far it really looks like it'll be worthwhile reading.

Please, keep it going. Great work so far.
3/18/2012 c2 Shiso no Kitsune
This is...Different.

It is well written with few grammar or spelling mistakes that I can bring to mind. I must say that it is quite daring to have things proceed so quickly in just two chapters, but so far it doesn't feel rushed and is working quite well. Lets hope it stays that way, ne?
3/18/2012 c2 9Dragon Man 180
So if Naruto and Hinata are bonded, what about Kyuubi? Will the fox be able to access Hinata's mind as well? Or can she enter Naruto's mind and help him defeat the fox?
3/18/2012 c2 35Solvdrage
Great chapter. The pacing was good.

And R.A.M.E.N was genius. It was nice to see a story that remembers that Naruto despite being trained to be a soldier, is still a kid.
3/18/2012 c2 HinaCat
Nice! Can't wait for more!
3/18/2012 c2 Hee-Ho Master
Wow never read any thing like this keep it up plus the helmet was funny as hell til next time,

3/18/2012 c2 6notgonnasay09
Well, that was unexpected. I have to say, the KND-esque reference was out of left field, but it fit with everything else. I rather enjoyed this chapter, though I have to say the ending kind of reminds me of those body-swap stories. Oh, well I suppose. Well done.
3/18/2012 c2 2TwiceMarked
An excellent chapter, with some nice length to it too. Really looking forward to seeing this continue. Update soon!
3/17/2012 c2 1charmedprincess101
This story is coming along quite nicely! I'm enjoying it so far and I can't wait to see what happens next!
3/17/2012 c2 narutodragon
good idea cant wait for more
3/17/2012 c2 2Trilonias
Somehow, I don't think Sakura and Naruto are that compatible. But they think so!

Nice to see how you're developing the characters, and even changing things, especially with Sasuke agreeing to being Sakura's boyfriend due to fear of a pan. XD

Interesting to see the way you're creating the bond... now to see what happens now, yeah? Things are never going to be the same.

Looking forward to more!
3/17/2012 c2 4Lu Lu-Chan25
I really liked it. I thought Iruka was a little too cold to Naruto at first, but you made up for it. Good job. Please keep it up
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