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2/7 c4 robert krause
when Naruto had his office now black and brown set now and a back room now a west wing a bed in it now and books he get over time had used now , when he sleep here a time one time his wife had working it the mic and with her kid and when like him she too had her office now , a light blue and green , and her old team pic on the wall now , when a clan pic and then her own pic with Naruto and the kids now and her too , and the fox now when Naruto had working on bases all over now , former were house some wave and sown and ice and sand too, when made into ports shops and others house warriors and others class too, Naruto had one time looking over them now, he was walking into one in the lands of ice and seeing the base now and like the under caves and saw his old base home here now he and co had a house it now , when he get to buy out moon stone and made sword battle axe and dagger and a war ram hammer and some others stuff now , he took out abut black ops and roots too and HINATA old clan men out with a war hammer to the head and others get too , old heads on the back wall is sill there , when some in ice had pics of them with it now, even one time Naruto and his wife and 2 kids had a pic with them too, when it sit on his desk now, when it some old pawn shop Naruto buy out a old pic of a paly boy bunny gril in black and red now on the wall now , he find it was LADY sown lord when she was 19 years old and she was not life the hi one , when Naruto had find out some one too, saw him it the pawn shop too , he get a old sword form it too, was used in west city slaves nights , kill off the rich men and woman like living in sin money and gold and art and some time the last house Naruto find the old scrolls and art too of the whirlpool and he had the owner head and his 2 head too on the back wall both had eyes bund out now, Naruto then had money form the job now , get the mines bund out and free the slaves out now , 90-80 of them are his spy s now , working his spy net working now , and when be the 1 head of it was hand full but he need to working it now , and when it rain fell he meeting FU of it he had get her out and she is running it now, for Naruto , she had a house in the base back house now,
1/31 c7 1reckstar4
1/25 c1 migros256
Good story
1/13 c5 robert kruase
when Naruto had walking to the old halls of ford nights a old used inn was now his made into a a new home city and when into it was long and times 3 but it was good Naruto put 2 old team pics on the wall his own and wife old ninjas teams on the wall now, then bed room is in now for them to sleeping in when Naruto had eat here was quit for him and wife now when now she read a books and him looking out back Naruto had get her long lost uncle and put him now with gave say saver and uncle with gold on it now, then the clan name now, when by him is his old team met own brother here too , and his mom and dad and then the others 3 too here now, when sound vaillge be bund down and meeting with the rice lord and tell not doing a ninjas vaillge sir but his body gunds well had a new vaillge , when before he bund it down he be in the founder old office find a team pics 2 of them his old gran father old team and the men own team with the one to be with him and the others , when find a old ninjas vest and head band and the s calss clow and ring on a hand Naruto took he then put them into a lock room and put the tame pic on top of the 3 gave end ,
1/12 c1 robert krause
when Naruto had move his wife Hospital to the north side of whirlpool and made it had more then 30-099-8 offices and LUBS and others stuff now, even his duther had her office here now, and LUB now , when Naruto and his son be working with ninjas and others warriors now and time his son muslces get big size now,and mine so good too, when before he doing took over ,he made a new clan team outlands be born now , some was ninjas 49 of them and 12 of them were woman , and others came form the west one was bit CLONUD and his wife LUM Sammy go 2 ex warriors be in with outlands for long time too,
1/11 c2 robert krause
when Naruto and his wife HINATA had living 1 in the city of LEROY city a gaming town and bars when the 2 had working in both in pawn shops and some bar and night club and some black water gaming inn and bar too , when then in his office is art of them on the wall now , when a pic of the ant TSUNADE only it boy him who win money form them and took them out now paly cards is now in his men cave den room now, as well is pic of him and some hot grils now, on the wall by one of the lord of sown now, when then the last is of wind informer city slaves city , old swords and others warriors swords and stuff now on the wall now, even a black ring with hire now, mask of black ops men and woman now , when in his wife own HINATA had her woman room now , and both kids had them paly rooms in the back of them own bed rooms now, Naruto had siting in the old inn once be the 1 home Naruto and his wife and 2 kids living before when the whirlpool get back up ,now it is Naruto 2 office and up floor is bed room now, it times it is a meeting room now,
1/2 c6 robert krause
when Naruto siting in his men cave den office going over some stuff on new money and gold he was used it to wave vaillge on a fort base he had Ion to commeder of it and when it now Ion had her house on the top floor now and office now , when she had running it now, unlike her team met she had keeping her team pic on a wall with her pic of her dad and mom and some of her now , when she had running it now, and get to going into the wave vaillge now and get some new suit of bed and others things she had get now, when siting in her office now, get to note to Naruto on some new stuff on the vaillge and other stuff too, when she had find out of her 2 ex team mats had each get new jobs now and ten-ten had now a new home now for she had get the head of the clan now, when get to it now tenten had open up her own weopans shop now , was used to made money now, for her and her kid a boy name it rock Leroy , when the boy get up to 12 , he lean how to made swords and other ninjas stuff , when the others had to doing it now too, when she had lost her eyes now , her son rock had took over now, and now the new clan head now,
12/31/2020 c7 robert krause
sir MR SNAFU in this one when Naruto had his war with his own ex vaillge is good but i Robert Krause was going to ask why not get SARKURA out of the vaillge and get her money form the clan and kill off her mom and dad and the clan top SR men and woman out , when he had put in cell #50 b north side and let her seeing her ways of be a fool and fan gril for her lover is not good , when let her out made her working in the mic with Naruto wife and up form the as to head of it now, and then she is owner of a shop made legs for ninjas and others who lost them and she is made money form it now, Naruto let her keeping her mom and dad and clan money ,only thing is she living on the top floor of her shop the legs helping , out , as for ten-ten she is now the new head of the clan now, and owner of the weopns shop Ione well and she get marring 2 time to rock lee , as for rock lee his now for the ninja school and head of it now, when Naruto had keeping the west side men cave as a meeting room for this one ,
12/31/2020 c5 robert krause
when Naruto had his time it home now when he and his wife be in bed for when now and sleeping now Naruto had made a gave land in the back with white now the 4 hokles and his mother when other gave is for his wife own UNLE now and Naruto saver now when he pay the land of clound off he get the body now and put it into it now saying here old pa for helping me out you now can sleep now , when put the pic of him and the men on the gave now , even the pic of his ex team own big brother is here now, and the ash part too, he get put of the whirlpool war battle , when the rings were on the top now, Naruto then get out to get the others now, he put his mom and dad old jar up now, old pics of the ninja team now, even rei she is here too, when looking it now, gold jar now, and pic of her now, when now lock up the black door now, Naruto had be home now,
12/26/2020 c1 robert krause
when Naruto had get to made his home now he had a den in the living room as a 2 office when he had working on the whirlpool and others stuff too, like his own ninjas team the fire fox and black fox 2 twin brothers form the lands of wind evil city ash ford a slaves city and warriors war games both brothers had be ex salves boys one had working in the mines and other is warrior in war games , when Sammy go fox and his twin brother bill ford had get buy out by Naruto of star wars nights ,who had the boys help out vs UCHIHA before the war and both boys had gave a new home in the whirlpool now, as SAKURA i Robert Krause was thinking let her living on when other stuff as get kill off , when SAKURA HARUNO had get save by Robert Krause of the ream of Naruto the son of SOMBRA and ex warrior of the evil king , when the men had took the money of HARUNO and put both here for when now, and made her living in the whirlpool now, as a pow of war now, when now working in the school now, took over #4b Naruto old class room swords wars ,
12/16/2020 c7 robert krause
when Naruto had seeing the old men desk he had sit it and think of took it now like a time he did it to the sound vaillge old desk , it now siting in Naruto men cave den /office now, so is the desk now , is and in it is the team pic and both his mom and dad pic and other one of his mom own pic with him before he was born , when now out to the whirlpool now, when get to his men cave den now, desk in head now, he siting it now , reading books and notes now, all of the same stuff the lord need , some be on made the 2 team as one get outvote now by him for it well put in power fools and the good old boys as Naruto put it to the others now , when darth masks on the outsides of the tower and the west part now, as for his own thinking be note now,
12/15/2020 c4 robert krause
sir i Robert Krause was doing it his ex team met own dead body well be put on the old bar top roof as a troy of war and the dagger ax too, when his ninja head part too, as for his fan gril she was to living on as a pow /slave for Naruto , when she is force to living in the red lights town of the whirlpool , like Naruto had to in the vaillge , as for the money her clan had Naruto keeping the money and her is to keep some of it ,909 of it now , when her wall is full of pics of the lost ones who lost them life men and woman and kids who lost family when the fox war , even her ex team met Naruto own pic it is too on the wall ,a 3 years old boy , now a team pic and one of 7 and then the vaillge ,
12/15/2020 c2 robert krause
when Naruto and both his wife and the only one who had help vs the others for him had move out and was living on the road for when Naruto had keeping a black book he had on the KONOHA evil ones form his ex god father and mother and the roots abut black ops unit and it head of it too, to others he had as foes , when Naruto and co had working in the former lands of sown now, when living in a cub size house for when , his wife HINATA had get mad about it for when but she had saw her lover own think of it , we not here for a long time v, but to keep up new skills and for the job the team be working in the moves as staff and others times in the moves too, when get pay for it Naruto and them pay for them home and then when the whirlpool came back up now , the tower now home of him and wife now, name it ash ford Naruto old move role , now,
12/12/2020 c7 robert krause
MR SNAFU sir i Robert Krause well doing a little bit of when Naruto had took his ex team met sarkura as his as and then his wife #2 and his room had death masks of his foes on the wall , the clans heads and his god father and mother and then the head of the roots own head and the old bats men and woman , when the money and others stuff Naruto well took with him , as for the 2 clan of his wife well took with them , and the money too of her clan had too, when them get to the whirlpool lands 5 of them well living in the east out ports town , Naruto and co 2 home and when others living in the mine one , when ten-ten and rock lee had living in some ash fort city and his wife own team met living in north fort bay with his bugs and haves , as for each of them well sill get money for when , but sill working as ninjas , when sarkura is sill get her money form her mom and dad and clans too, she is living in east port city now, when the red lights house Naruto had made for her to living now had the pics of the ones lost them life when the fox took it all , and Naruto had the team pic too on the wall for her to seeing with now, , sir this my way of show the gril on who get it bad too, like Naruto and others lost them love ones and other pic is of a Naruto who was living in the red lights too, when 3 is of her mom and dad and clan now , when the house is like the red lights cub size house now, only thing is a bed and a foot locker and some old lightbulb now, on the wall is pics i say was in the room , all the time she sleeping here now she seeing them now, and when she get up too, the # b-4 h-4 , when now , working in the bath house now, get pay too, doing the job too, she was living in a size room with others here now then get her own house now, the red lights home now, like Naruto living before , pay back ,
12/1/2020 c7 robert krause
sir SNAFU why not doing a Naruto/founder game when Naruto is the founder and own and head of his own team and it is a army team with the FOX gril who is part Lither and black and she is big size too , as for his team 2 grils one is FU and other is ZAP ZAG the grils were ex con and boomer ZAP ZAG and FU is the hack ,and some others goon Ash, and max is stipe , when in outlaws city is when Naruto and his long time foe is sarkura and ion had a team too, each had a battle bus and bases too, and safe houses too, as for others in them too,
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