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for 1000 Suns

11/5/2013 c11 1dezmoonbear
very enjoyable chapter.

but the way I see it is Shibata is a bit of a tyrant possibly verging on mad dictator that is using her charisma and organisational powers to safeguard herself at the expense of anyone else.

look forward to the next one.
11/5/2013 c11 10Otaku-SIG
I enjoyed this chapter very much. Those reflections are so real and deep. Loved that little moment between Saeko and Takashi, his words and her subtle way of giving her opinion.
Waiting for the next one :)
11/5/2013 c11 Guest
Its interesting to see the characters different takes on Shibata's position on all of this
Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter
11/4/2013 c11 56Gravenimage
You updated thank you. I think Shibata is really a good person she's only trying her best to help everyone survive.
11/4/2013 c11 WaxnWane
This story has been on my mind something heavy lately. So glad you didn't abandon it.
11/4/2013 c8 Othinus
Dropping this because I dislike the development.
9/15/2013 c10 10Otaku-SIG
Wooow it is so nice to have you back, even if it is only for 1000 words!

I really hope to read more soon. Your story is awesome!
7/27/2013 c10 RecklessBaka
Ehh a quick chapter is better then no chapter at all.

So Takashi finally knows that Shibata's cult, guns down any opposition. What will he do about it, update soon!
7/27/2013 c10 56Gravenimage
It was short but good I hope you update soon.
7/11/2013 c9 Xx-eb0nyShikari-xX
I just finished reading all the chapters up until now, and I got to say this is probably my favorite fic right now. You portray the main characters (and OCs) so well, it really makes it all the more enjoyable to read. Can't wait for upcoming chapters!:D
6/17/2013 c9 Undead Sun
I just caught sight of this story and I am really impressed.

I must say Shibata DOES remind me of the Governor from The Walking Dead, which is only making me more anxious as to how this will play out.

Awesome work.
6/15/2013 c9 5Tikigod784
I'm hoping this situation gets sorted out quickly (with Shibata's death and the collapse of the community as a whole, no doubt) and Takashi's family can make their escape on their Humvee. One thing I find odd is that Shibata didn't want to "use" Rika's expertise, her being a Police Officer.
6/15/2013 c9 56Gravenimage
Nice chapter I'm still wondering for Takashi to be part of Shibata's group this is getting interesting. Rei is sure taking it easy with Takashi been with Saeko I hope they don't get into a fight. Don't worry about the late update I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
6/14/2013 c9 RecklessBaka
I really love how Takashi refers to group as family, close bond and such. Also Rei is being awfully nice, accepting the fact that Takashi I moving on...hmmm suspicious.

Speaking of suspicious that Shibata don't sit right, I can't tell if she's going to kill the group, rape Takashi or is some secret cannipal... Only time will tell.

Update soon!
6/9/2013 c7 10Otaku-SIG
Wow, just wow! Just like in a thriller movie. So exciting. Loved that, the hard decision and the complicity it implies.
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