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12/4/2011 c14 1JJK9
Been reading these stories for years so im very glad to find them here. I just love this story and the sequels and ive been witing patiantly for the sequel to be updated so you can garantee I'll read then whenever you do.
12/3/2011 c14 Blackholelord
I have read this story long before it arrived on FanFiction.net, it is considered one of my favorite stories.
12/3/2011 c1 6rochchen
I was wondering why this appeared here, but then I went to your website and saw that you were moving here.

It's a classic Ranma fanfic that I enjoyed reading many times and I hope that you'll have a good time here in fanfiction.net
12/3/2011 c1 1Ranma-sama
Genma's Daughter is in my opinion the best piece of Ranko/Ranma-chan fan fiction in existence. A definite must read for anyone interested in the genre. Thank you for adding this story to the community. From time to time I would go to your mac webpage and read Genma's Daughter, but it is nice to have the story in this central repository. Too many stories have gone missing because of websites going down, ISP's shutting down, etc.

Thank you!
12/3/2011 c1 Anonymous618
This is beautifully written original fiction. What it's doing in the Ranma 1/2 section is a mystery, as why it borrows the names of Ranma 1/2 characters. As original fiction it's a poignant story of change, growth and acceptance. I think it's wonderful, well worth reading and a worthy effort. As a Ranma 1/2 fanfic it is an utter failure of a story. The characters are nothing more than entities that vaguely resemble the Ranma 1/2 cast. It's nicely composed dross, showing that the author is talented at writing and completely ignorant of the characters of Ranma 1/2. Fanfic is composed on the premise that it borrows the characters of the original work to tell different stories with them. The thing is, this isn't borrowing the characters. I don't see a single Ranma 1/2 character here that acts like themselves.

So I have to give this fic a 0/10. I don't dispute that it's well written, but it fails so completely as a Ranma 1/2 story that I have no choice. It has no merit as a Ranma 1/2 story.
12/3/2011 c1 3tuatara
I'm favoriting this story, as I've always enjoyed it very much, but I can't honestly say that I rate it especially highly as a work of fanfiction. It has remarkably little in common with the source material (as underscored by the far more successful-as-fanfiction "Equal Halves"). Most of the characters - not just Ranko by any means - shift so far from canon by the end of things that they might as well be entirely new. With very minimal changes, this could be revised into a completely unrelated piece of original fiction.

But to reiterate, I actually love this story. It was one of the first pieces of Ranma-inspired fiction I ever read, and it helped cement my affection for girl-type Ranma stories. (I'm even more fond of "Equal Halves," and I have a soft spot for "Notes from Juilliard" as well.) It's so well told, so engaging...just incredibly sweet. Wonderful, classic stuff. I just like to think of it in its own special category, not quite original and not quite fanfiction. But when it comes down to it, that sort of thing doesn't matter. As long as it's a good, who cares what you call it? And this is a truly lovely story.
12/3/2011 c1 2The Heavenly Turnip
Genma's Daughter and Equal Halves are the greatest Ranma 1/2 fanfictions ever written, bar none. You explore the gender identity issues that the original series always flirted with, but never delved deeply into. Your prose is elegant, simple, and inspired. I would never have written any fanfiction, or have been as faithful to the Ranma fandom as I have been, without your work. Welcome to fanfiction.net, Ms. Goldstone, this website was seriously lacking without you.
12/3/2011 c1 12Uena
Well, I'd never thought that this story would find it way over here.

I've read this, Equal Halves, and... yeah, NFJ. I've even visited the site a few days ago. (as opposed to last summer) and am surprised to see this here.

All I can say is that it's interesting how it reestablishes the character relationships. I wouldn't mind rereading this over and over.

Despite some inconsistencies, I do find this story intriguing on how it morphs into a more "Slice-of-Life" story than its original canon genre.

Either or not you're the original author... Well, we'll see.
12/3/2011 c1 15Richard Ryley
It's good to see you on here, Deborah. I know that a lot of reviewers of your story have criticised Ranma being out of character, but to me, that is the whole point. Ranko ISN'T Ranma, she's someone who has been forced against her will to live AS Ranma for twelve years. The emotional trauma that put her through made her more caring and compassionate, and ultimately resulted in her putting martial arts aside.

Akane IS a strong woman here, as are Ukyo and Shampoo, and Nabiki's speech over the posters drives the point home as well. It is simply too narrow minded to judge women as "weak" or "strong" simply on how they stand on martial arts. Ranko may not necessarily be strong, but it is not choosing the violin over martial arts that makes her so. It was everything that led up to that.

I hope you will post Equal Halves after you're done, it is a lot more clear about that difference, since the original Ranma gets a chance to interact with his "sister".

For me, the only criticism I have of the story is that Hiroshi and Daisuke fade into the background. Given the prominent place you give Sayuri and Yuka, (and in fact that ALL the girls seem to be ultimately accepting) that seems unfair. I would have liked to see a little more of their point of view. But, hindsight is 20/20.
12/3/2011 c14 Dr5wolz-AA
I love the story and love the way that you only used small changes in what happens to bring out a side to some of the characters that I have not seen in other stories that I have read. Also I must admit to staying up 4 hour longer than I had planed to, all to finish this story that kept me entranced for the entire length of it. love the story and love how you ended it.
12/3/2011 c3 Lythrana
Yeah ClassicalGal is Deborah Goldsmith, if you check out her website, she's made a post stating that she's moving all of her work over to this website.

On a separate note while I love the story, and find it beautifully written, I'm not sure I like how you are portraying Ranma in this story.

You have Ranma by chapter 5 quickly turning into a weak pathetic girl, I understand that she is undergoing an identity crisis, but for example in the fight against Ryoga you basically have Ranma falling to be less skilled than Akane, I'm sorry, but when you've been practising Martial Arts for 10+ years, a couple weeks isn't going to make you lose THAT much skill.

Also, Ranma goes from being rough, headstrong and tomboyish to being delicate, polite, well spoken and fragile. Even with discovering he is a girl, I have a hard time picturing Ranma as this weak little thing you've made her out to be.

I'm not trying to be sexist, and apologize if my tone has come out that way, I just find this story to be stereotyping women in general, that now Ranma is a female, he loses his martial arts skill, his confidence, his adaptability, and really everything that made Ranma, Ranma.

Why can't he be like Akane, or Shampoo, or Ukyo, or any other strong independent female martial artist in the series? Why does becoming female have to be synonymous with enjoying shopping, giggling like a schoolgirl, being weak, being polite and well spoken and all around fragile?

With all of that said, I did enjoy what I read, although I wasn't able to finish the story as I didn't like the direction the story was going.


Falkun Nightwind.
12/3/2011 c1 damoclesAngel
Good to see you on here Deborah. (And anyone reading, yes it is her, check her website... she said she's moving her stuff here)

Look forward to hopefully more updates. :)
12/3/2011 c2 ol69
I already read this fic

It was by Deborah Goldsmith

Do you have the right to post it or are you just taking the credit?
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