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7/8/2014 c6 19fingers-falling-upwards
Lovely fic and wonderful characterization. Thanks for the read.
1/26/2014 c6 Guest
Hey :D been reading your story and noticed that hasn't been updated for a long while, wondering if you are still writing.

By the way your writing skill are amazing.
1/25/2014 c1 Guest

Thanks you soo much for writing it.

Your writing skill are awesome.
1/17/2014 c6 15MaskedPyro
Awww! Poor Lu having dad's illness... but the brotherly love is so cute! Please update!
11/16/2013 c6 Guest
Even if you didn't update this fanfic, it was good. Maybe someone else will continue it someday...
8/13/2013 c6 4PrincessKittyKatz
I can't wait till u update this! iit's soooo awesome! i wonder how ace is gonna react when luffy tells him!
7/16/2013 c5 7MysticMaiden 18
amazing how u capture both of their emotions
7/16/2013 c6 MysticMaiden 18
nonoplz do update i almost had a heart attack when i saw last update 2012 plz i cant wait to see more of them together even at work i was day dreaming plz do cont
6/5/2013 c6 4MemoriesOfVoxei
OMG This fic is sooooooo AWESOME! I can't wait until the next update! I REALLLYYYYY want to know what happens next! Please, don't ever, I say it again EVER, abandon this fic before you finish it! I definitely want to the see the word "complete" in the descriptions before you stop updating! You can't just leave it behind, it's soooo GOOD!

Thanks for sharing such a formidable story with all of us,
5/5/2013 c6 XxXFoxieXxX
That's all
4/3/2013 c6 xXanimeheartXx
I love this story it's beautiful
And, i dont know why but the ace protecting luffy thing is so sweet!
I accualy cried at one point!
Please keep writing this fanfic!
11/17/2012 c2 Guest
oh god, I can't stop crying
10/3/2012 c6 50angelrider13

Luffy has Roger's sickness? NOOOOOOOOOOO! And the stress from the memories of his previous life is making it worse! Luuuuuuufffffyyyyyy...Ace make him better now!
10/3/2012 c5 angelrider13
Soooooooo, I'm guessing this means no Nami and Usopp? Boooooooo...:(

Oh well. Will Smoker figure out who they are? It's kinda early but I don't know. This could go badly...
10/3/2012 c4 angelrider13
Yay! Zoro! So they're going after Sanji next? Are we just skipping Usopp and Nami?
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