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3/10 c30 ynot45
Congratulations... Superb story...
4/7/2018 c28 Aeryn Levia
Ok, now I'm sad this story is almost over. I've read many fanfiction stories over the years, and this is definitely one of the well-written ones! They're actually harder harder to find than you'd think. Well done! :-)
4/7/2018 c27 Aeryn Levia
And they're off again! Seriously, I'm loving this story. Sarah and Danny are such a cute couple,and despite the fact that they're lost in time, I'm glad they're together.
4/7/2018 c26 Aeryn Levia
NOOOOO! Wait, didn't I already say that about a previous chapter? Well it still holds true! I really thought they were getting home this time. This is AU after all, couldn't you bend the cannon just a teensy bit more?! Oh well, on to the next chapter! :-D
4/3/2018 c25 Aeryn Levia
Noooooo! Of all the times to join back up with the canon series! Grrrr. But yet I Must. Keep. Reading. I have to know how this ends!
4/3/2018 c24 Aeryn Levia
Have I mentioned before how scary Ethan is?! It's nice to get to know Charlotte a little bit and see her work her magic on Patrick - getting him to act more like the Patrick he used to be instead of the Ethan he turned into.
4/3/2018 c23 Aeryn Levia
Ooooo, totally forgot about Ethan/Patrick. He is legitimately scary! Why did Danny ever go back after him through the anomaly in the show?!
4/3/2018 c22 Aeryn Levia
AHHHHHH! EMILY! How cool. :-) I've always loved her. I can't wait to see how she interacted with Danny And Sarah.
3/29/2018 c20 Aeryn Levia
Whew, I'm glad they didn't have to stay too long in such a frozen wasteland! I'm glad they both made it through the anomaly, too. How tragic if one of them made it and the other didn't. I'm actually kinda hoping by this point that they either make it to the future or to their near past, just to see what they'd do.
3/29/2018 c19 Aeryn Levia
Awww, how sweet! Both on Danny's part and King's. :-) I really love how much Danny and Sarah care for each other.
3/29/2018 c18 Aeryn Levia
All in all, a more pleasant place than I expected! But is it too good to be true, I wonder? Dun dun dun... :-p
3/29/2018 c17 Aeryn Levia
Sigh, this makes me sad that they left such a wonderful extended family back in Egypt. :-(
3/29/2018 c16 Aeryn Levia
I'm loving this story! I found it in the middle of the night last night when I couldn't sleep, and just kept reading one chapter after another. I really like the Danny/Sarah pairing, and think it holds true to what I saw in the show. I'll try to review more chapters now that I'm on my computer and not my phone - so much easier to type out comments!
10/28/2014 c1 Guest
It's unlikely raptorial dinosaurs cared for their offspring. Raptors like dromaeosaurus probably laid eggs in a nest and left the offspring to their fate. Also it's unlikely only a single juvenile dinosaur would be left.
10/28/2014 c1 Guest
Technically, Helen took Christine Johnson through an anomaly to the post apocalyptic future and to the crumbling city populated by those giant insects and the futuristic evolved bat like predators.

One of those futuristic bat like predators dragged her back through the anomaly despite the team's combined attempts to save her
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