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3/5/2012 c6 Jimbobob5536
Despite the fact that I read the other two stories that go with this, I only just got around to reading it now. Meh.

Great story.
2/26/2012 c6 mega.natural
Very very beautiful. I loved it.
1/6/2012 c6 4Shane McGowan Lives
First off: Well done. I am not very fond of stories which pair up Ranma and Akane, for the main reason that they both would not be able to do what has happened in this: they need to grow up, and face their insecurities. You managed to do this (for the most part) and believably so as well. I cannot say that I've read many stories that have managed to both maturely and with good pacing. Now I hope you can take this criticism well: I wasn't pleased about the lack of development of Akane. While you wrote her believably and quite well, she didn't grow through the story with Ranma (or at least to the degree that he did; perhaps she didn't need as much change, but some exposition on her own growth, centred on some interactions with Ranma himself and not Ranko might not have been remiss), and I felt that it was a bit of a shortcut to have Ranma do all the major changing. While Ranma got much of the dramatic scenes where he was faced with an opportunity to change, Akane got far less; the only one which sticks in my mind is her confession that Ranma intimidates her; we don't see her insecurities as a woman, fighter, and position in Nerima in relation to Ranma. A far less important critique is how much Ranko has matured in a matter of months after having been raised a certain way for years. That is not to say that it is unbelievable, but Ranko had many occasions to show how much more mature she was than Ranma, whereas we are only told that these mannerisms are hidden with Ranma himself. The only really kind actions we see from him are done with Ranko's help.

I do want to soften myself here now though. None of the above critiques are in fact me saying your writing is bad, on the contrary, your writing is in almost every way something to be proud of. I enjoyed this work thoroughly, and I say this humbly (I don't want to seem snobbish or pretentious though perhaps in that I have failed), but that is quite a feat for a story here. Thank you for contributing.
1/2/2012 c2 32Poetheather1
Lovely moments of pure chaos. Ranma flipping out was absolute gold. Another excellent and awesome chapter.
1/2/2012 c1 Poetheather1
The emotional rollercoaster you take the characters on in this one is lovely. Great descriptions. I am looking forward to my reread of this one.
12/23/2011 c1 2Moonsaber
Possibly the best story the author has written, and that is saying a lot. Been a long time since I have read any of Lawson's fics, I'll have to dig them up again.

Cheers! Glad to see you are keeping up your stories, they are fantastic.
12/22/2011 c6 Questara
I have always loved this story, and the other parts as well. This series is what got me into the Ranma-chan centric stories in the first place, so I just wanted to express my thanks, and hopes for Julliard to eventually finish.
12/21/2011 c6 1Kit the Fiendish Fire Cat
I was right about what I said in my review of your other story. I couldn't stop reading once I started...and it was absolutely amazing just like your other works. It didn't spur as my teary reactions as "Genma's Daughter" but it definitely did have it's moments...

I only wish you had more stories available to read! As it stands, I'll simply have to reread your stories...over and over and over again!


Kit the (Floored by your stunning works) Fiendish Fire Cat~!
12/15/2011 c6 sandcrawlr
excellent story. I read Genma's Daughter years ago, and it was quite the flashback having it referenced now. Very touching story all told. Keep up the writing.
12/13/2011 c6 Eirdaru
That was a beautiful story! It moved me to tears! I love the originality and how natural it all was. I liked how everything was believable & consistent as well as character interaction, Ryoga is just so cute! Please keep on writing, the rock&witch were a nice touch!
12/13/2011 c6 13borg rabbit
Such a sweet story.


A spirit so new

Rising to the heavenly view

Kiss the orchid child
12/12/2011 c6 7MattSaotome
This. Is. Ah. May. Zing.

I went in to this story with mixed expectations of story direction, plot direction and character growth... and, well, you nuked them all. I can't put that any better. I wasn't able to put this story down. I've been reading it from start to finish as much as life would allow over the last 12 hours. The story itself is brilliantly thought up, the characters are so true to their original selves that I felt like this story could have actually happened where the manga left off, and the attention to detail in your plot is so far beyond superb and fantastic that I may have to make up a new word just to describe it properly (I'm gunna go right ahead and say 'superbantastic' right now), and your spelling, punctuation and grammar are among the most well organized I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Bravo a billion times over! A brilliant story idea, masterfully planned and inspiringly written. Favorited and plopped directly into my C2 without hesitation!

Stories like this are THE reason I subscribed to this site.

My hat goes off, and my writers heart has been won... And I simply CAN'T say this enough;

12/12/2011 c6 15Richard Ryley
I posted in the review for Genma's Daughter that I was looking forward to this, but never reviewed here. There really isn't anything I can add that hasn't been already said. Either in my review to Genma's Daughter, or the other reviews here. This is just such a great fanfic, and so true to the characters even while showing hints of Ranko and her world behind Ranma and his.

I think what really strikes me, though, and what I'd like to comment on, is the number of times the "Ranma's Declaration of Womanhood" episode is referenced. From the assumption that Ranma has hit his head again in the first chapter, to the obvious importance of Akane giving the dress to Ranko because "she bought it for a girl Ranma", it's an almost constant reminder. That's an Anime-only story, yet it's obviously so memorable to so many people.

I first thought about this, and compared the Genma's Daughter timeline to the original, and personally I've concluded that the divergence in which Ranma 1/2 becomes Genma's Daughter IS the equivalent of that episode. It seems to take place at about that time in the story, Ukyo has arrived, but although Principle Kuno is mentioned, he isn't present. Most importantly, Ranko makes it clear in Equal Halves that the blow to the head never happened to her, and she also does not know either the Hiryo Shoten Ha or Moko Takabisha. So, either she meets her mother around the time of that episode from the Anime timeline, or she is from the manga timeline, where that episode never happens, and she meets her mother sometime prior to the Moxibution of Weakness.

Either way, Ranko clearly meets her mother earlier than Ranma does. And I think her meeting her mother where the "canon" Ranma from Equal Halves experience that episode makes sense. It's the point of divergence between the two timelines. Ranma hits his head and thinks he's a girl, while Ranko meets her mother, and learns she only THINKS she's a boy. Ranma is restored to normal, after a day of acting overly girly, but Ranko remains as that girl, managing to learn how to be more natural and not make it a stereotype.

It makes you wonder what Ranma would have been like if Akane hitting him again hadn't brought him out of it. Although personally I think he would have recovered on his own, once he got tired of his "vacation" from his responsibilities.
12/9/2011 c6 Lythrana
I liked this story much much more than Genma's Daughter. The characters were much truer to their original's and the changes to their character were more gradual and better explained.

I very much liked how you ended things with the epilogue. It set a very nice tone and left me feeling very satisfied with things. The little discussion also gave some insight into Nodoka's character and how the two could be so different even though they were the same person, it was a great example of 'the butterfly effect'.

All in all a great story that I very much enjoyed reading, thank you for this little gem.


Falkun Nightwind
12/7/2011 c6 leroygordon
No fanfic has ever touched me this deeply.

Thank you.
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