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for Under the Silver Sky

9/6/2012 c1 countingthestories
Please oh please don't leave me hanging
12/5/2011 c1 16starsinlove
This is lovely... :') I love how real the story seems and the emotions in Draco's head. You get to see his deep interior, and there, he is bursting with emotions.

There were bits of grammar errors barely noticeable (sorry, I'm a language freak) and one thing, like why he was "mad", were kind of left dangling.

I loved it :D keep it up

12/5/2011 c1 Your Dedicated Reader
This isn't your best work. It could've had more plot to it, or structure. I get it's experimental, but you should have tweaked it a bit more before you released it.

Although... in some way I like the meaning behind the storyline. They met and got along right away, but when they met again they didn't connect instantly. That's brilliant, maybe the whole idea of growing up? How you are different when you're older than when you were a kid. She is different, if she can't remember her own childhood. Poor guy... and he longs for her. Although you could've exaggerated that or really incorporate it.

The old man... I thought he meant his father, but when I reread it, was it meant to be Dumbledore?
12/4/2011 c1 3semantics
12/4/2011 c1 2Elisabeth's Teacup
I love the sweet tone you put in this story, keep writing!

-Dianna xx

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