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for When A Brother Is Not Enough

7/9/2013 c31 5simpLEEreading
awesome story. I love Kogan stories. This is my second time reading this. So well written.
1/3/2013 c31 EverlastingKL
Its 6am and I haven't slept cause my all-too intelligent self thought she could read 31 chapters in an hour -.- oh weeeell can't say it wasn't worth it (: I absolutely positively loved this story! I 'awwwed' so many times I lost count lol and I squealed like a baby everytime logan reassured kendall of how beautiful he was and how much he loved him (':
Kogan is like the best pairing in the world to me and I love when someone writes fluffy kogan lol. It brings that little tear to my eye (':

All and all I loved it!
11/11/2012 c13 97insideimasadrainbow
D: whoa, I was so not expecting that twisty turn of events right there! Lol. Kind of feel bad for Camille but I still think she could have handled her actions just a but more maturely. Great chapter as always, dear. :)
11/11/2012 c12 insideimasadrainbow
Okay, first of all, this story is amazing. I apologize for not reviewing up until now but I was so excited to get to the new chapters. But after reading this one, as you can see, I needed to review.

I'm going to start off by saying your Jarlos is simply adorable. So sweet and cute and I absolutely love it. :)

The Kogan, dear god. It's super great. I love it SO much, like I can't even tell you. Kendall is so cute and shy and Logan ugh! He's soooo sweet yet sexy. But uber sweet. I love that.

Okay, moving to Camille. She was so mean saying those hateful things to Kendall like that. I adore her in the show but in this she totally made me mad. And sad because Kendall is and that makes me all upset because it's Kendall, he should never be sad.

Okay, done with that, lol. Really good chapter, great story and now I'm going to go read more. :)
9/5/2012 c31 Caelan R
Sequel now please
9/3/2012 c27 Caelan R
This chapter is by far my favourite I love the way you placed it all from chapter 1 your an amazing writer have a little more faith in yourself as this is brilliant oh but poor Kendall I don't blame Logan for wanting to do that, stark is insane and deserved all that but still I love this fan fic I can't wait to read the rest
6/4/2012 c31 2KoganLover96
This chapter gave me so many mixed emotions XD I was happy and excited and all cutsied up for the wedding, Then i was pissed at Camille, Then something made me sad, Because i know how Kendall feels about himself and how insacure he is about himself, That is like you, That is why it was hard to read this Chapter! So sad the story has ended but it was oe of the best i have read :D
6/4/2012 c30 KoganLover96
THAT WAS THE FUCKING MOST BEAUTIFAL AND ROMANTIC THING I HGAVE EVER READ! The minute he saiud abuot an obkect in his pocket, I bit my hand, I started squeling and i started flapping my other hand about (It's my cutsie thing XD) And then when it happened! OH MY GAWD IT WAS JUST TO ADORABLE AND ROMANTIC AND CUTE AND LOVELY!
6/3/2012 c29 KoganLover96
THIS WAS SO CUTE AND JUST SO PERFECT! Aaaaaaand what made this better is Logan sang like one of my all time favourite songs! XD
6/3/2012 c28 KoganLover96
This chapter was just too cute and lovely, I feel bad for Kendall seeing himself that way though, Excited for the date but one thing i am shoked i did not see in this chapter was anything about Logan and Carlos seeing Kendall fully exposed, But then again i guess that is a good thing! :)
6/3/2012 c27 KoganLover96
I felt a bit of sympathy for Stark but then we he raped Kendall, That was it for me, I lost all sympathy for him and just wanted the fucker dead, But then he died, Now i just wish it neevr happened, I noticed he felt bad for what he had done and, He should not of died, He desrved to be beaten into an inch of his lifeless body but he should not of died!
6/3/2012 c26 KoganLover96
I probalby would of said i am sorry but i would of told him how he nearly killed me and stuff and walked away but being the kind and big hearted person i am feel bad until the day i died ha ha.
6/2/2012 c17 KoganLover96
I am scared that Nightmare is what will happen to them ha ha.
6/2/2012 c16 KoganLover96
One i kinda picked up to quick it was Stark i think ha ha, But i am not looking forward to anything to do with him :'( I loved this story because it was so cute and fluffy! Now look at it! XD Hope it is not too bad
6/2/2012 c13 KoganLover96
If Cam breaks my babys up i break up her XD
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