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8/14/2012 c1 Wicked Philosopher
So lovely! *sniff* Nakamaship is my favorite thing to read about!

I think this really gives the closure that iMindshattered/i sort of quaffs over. It has a fairly clear ending (and obviously the main story was over, and so it was a igood/i ending spot), but this is more cathartic. I'm going to trip on over to your LJ now to poke about!

Thanks again (for the third time), for posting this delightfully written and thoughtful story!
8/11/2012 c1 13Veratican Justice
My god, this is one SWEET fanfic! I was literally reduced to tears when I read this, and I'm not those emotional kinds of people like Franky is. This. Is. One. Of. The. Best. Fanfics. I. Ever. Read.
5/14/2012 c1 1Unfortunateidiot
And now Zoro's all better! I was just wondering why Sanji never mentioned about Zoro kinda saving his life too. Because of the info Zoro gave Panaceam Sanji was able to surprise him by using his knives. Maybe because Zoro would feel guilty for making Sanji use his hands for other than cooking? Sorry if I'm annoying. ;
4/19/2012 c1 4rosebudmelissa
That does wrap things up nicely. I felt a little unhappy with the ending of Mindshattered, although I still liked the story, because of the fact that Zoro was hiding it still. I'm glad it's all resolved here.
3/19/2012 c1 2BubbledUP
I've been beguiled.

Things were looking up and the sea was certainly a grand one in the New World. I couldn't possibly have figured what could go wrong until under Sanji's watchful perception and weakness of women unintentionally brought a potential secret that was best kept under wraps. (Or so I thought.)

This show stopper brought all the lingering emotions and conflict that I never wanted in Mindshattered to come to surface. Luffy, the rest of the crew, and the betrayal that Zoro surely brought about.

Seeing Sanji step in did somewhat quell my racing heart, however I promised myself that I would never, mc-ever trust Luffy again if he continued to treat his first-mate — the same man who has given up his life/dream on many given occasions (for his nakama, even if he is miraculous still breathing), the same being who wouldn't hesitate to leave the Straw Hats, if it meant their salvation — in such a manner that makes me pilfer a horse and buy a country and live there, alone. Forever. All while throughly scrub the glorious that was supposedly Luffy out from existence.

[I had a big schedule ahead of me.]

Yet, you saved me once again with making sense and Luffy logic. The way he saves the crew with his words, but not with the way that Zoro doesn't let his troop save him. How he shut them out, planned an escape, dead-set leaving to save when he needed them most of all.

It's crazy when you actually think about it.

They all forgave him, because that's what they all do. With sobs, clobbers, subtle grins, weight slides off all our shoulders. He's won; Luffy and his infamous grin proves that much.

Spectacular art, again. I'm going to be honest and say you probably make my Mondays.
1/23/2012 c1 rebecca taylor
Love it ^_^
12/18/2011 c1 5MissJudged16
Perfect sequel thingy. Very good wrap up. :)
12/16/2011 c1 ruby890
That was Great love it.
12/12/2011 c1 13crystalbluefox
Wow~! As always you manage to write such a good story! You ARE just a girl with great talents, huh? Lovely! Like it! Sold! Haha!

I'm in the moment about reading your other story 'Asteria Nightmare' and that one too *thumbs up* big success! You're just become one of the greatest One Piece Fanfic writers in MY category! And THAT's defiently GOOD! I'm sceptical with stories, sure I'm not picky to say some stories are good, but I'm picky to choose them among THE best of the best! ^c^

Looks forward for more enthralling stories from you.

Oh! You'll make something horror-like with Sanji as the maincharacter? I love your stories with Zoro and Sanji, their (sort of but still some kind of a) friendship are just special, no? ^^

WRITE SOON! Me hungry for MORE~! XDD



12/11/2011 c1 DreyaCira
Sorry it took me so long to review! I won't get into the details.

I really enjoyed this little one-shot! I thought it was a great sequel that sort of wraps up Mindshattered neatly. I admit, I was stuck somewhere between "Luffy knows what really went down" and "Luffy's gonna beat the shit out of Zoro for betraying them" until you revealed it. It was a huge relief to see that it was the first option and not the second. I like the scene near the beginning where Sanji is frantically trying to come up with a way to distract everyone. What a martyr, telling Luffy he was going to make a big meat lunch! XD Still felt really bad for Zoro when all the crew heard his secret and thought he betrayed them. I can't imagine how that would feel. But then the hugs part was really sweet and adorable, I almost started crying. It gives great closure to Mindshattered, I'm really glad you posted it!
12/9/2011 c1 Rhodelta
That was...absolutely brilliant. I honestly felt it was the perfect conclusion to Mindshattered, and I loved the way you've sketched the Strawhats's characters. I actually teared up when all of them hugged Zoro...it was just so adorable! As for Concrit...I can't really find any flaws here :) Just a question though...'Panacea' also refers to elixir, so is the Alchemist's name a play on this?

Looking foward to reading more of your fics! :D
12/9/2011 c1 4Bisepadi
Bisepadi likes this :-)
12/8/2011 c1 27Merucha
Yeesh, as soon as I realized what this was about I was literally at the edge of my seat. You really know how to keep the reader captured.

And I'm seriously so glad Zoro stopped being a self-blaming idiot. Huggles make everything nice.
12/7/2011 c1 Zaphod Prefect
Love this little one-shot and how it completed Mindshattered. You captured everyone's personalities perfectly, especially Luffy's. Great job.
12/7/2011 c1 30triple baka
This really helped make Mindshattered more complete! I loved this story~ messing with zoro was so sad but I'm so happy he's finaly better! Amazing writing, by the way!
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