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for Dimensional Headaches

8/5/2013 c4 4Shattered Peices
Is Conner her boyfriend?!
12/2/2012 c1 14C.C. Geekiest
waz up with you and making Dick some kind of female. This aint strange though so i like it so far :)
9/11/2012 c7 31utterlyheartbroken
I really enjoyed reading this.
You gave Rachel a nice background story!
8/19/2012 c2 Guest
I am earning so many virtual cookis right now. And they are YUMMY
6/22/2012 c7 6TheForgottenSuperhero
That's awesome! Super exited to read the next one
4/28/2012 c3 Waruitenshi
LOL I'm guessing it's Wally. It'd be weird if it was Roy XD since you stated he was all brotherly.
3/14/2012 c4 12Jay Rowan
Well shoot me! Then I have NO IDEA who the heck can be Rachel's boyfriend. None. Nada. Zero.
3/14/2012 c3 Jay Rowan
Okay, fine. This AN looked a little desperate so I think that

Rachel's boyfriend is (obviously) Wally. I mean, you've been dropping hints all day! Thanks for writing this though. It's pretty good :P
2/18/2012 c3 9Dextra2
IT'S wALLY2. Curse you tiny netbook computer!
1/11/2012 c6 Capt. Nenharma
So I read your Story as requested by Zoey and it wasn't bad. I think you rushed the whole 'people from other dimensions' issue though. It seemed like it took no time at all to figure out where Rachel was from and on top of that, she was instantly accepted into a group that I would expect to be highly suspicious of outsiders. Batman and Robin would know this quite well.

There's also the issue of the dimensional barrier. It seemed so immaterial since a moment's adjustment on a communicator was able to penetrate it that there was no reason for it to take days to bring them through. All that was necessary was to send the plans to Batman on Rachel's side and build a portal device.

For storytelling, I'm not a fan of doing the whole thing in one person's point of view and to be honest, I found that the little comments made by Wally didn't really add to the story at all. Also, there were many points when I just had to go "huh, what happened?" in the story. Or perhaps why did it happen. The attack on Rachel's home base for instance seemed to have no point.

Given that she seems like a take charge person and is the leader of her team her having had almost no reaction whatsoever seems strange. Of course it was over and done with in an instant and they are on to a much lighter topic. Wouldn't that have some sort of effect on her and Wally2?

The same thing happened when she rescued Batman and Robin. The action scene was rushed and seemed to unreal. Do the villains ever go down without a fight? Joker could, and probably would, have expected a rescue mission to be mounted. But he wasn't prepared and how exactly does joker and 2 goons take down Batman and Robin in the first place? You seem to want to establish Rachel as a powerful fighter which is fine. But give her a battle worthy of her skills to prove herself with.

All in all, not a bad story but it seemed rushed to me. I'd say you could have easily expanded out the details on the fights and the arrival as well as making it seem much harder to cross the dimensional barrier.
12/18/2011 c7 Doubt But Never Regret
To lazy to log back in but I'm determined to leave this review! This was awesome! I loved the ending so much eecially since I'm a RobinxSuperboy shipper. I think this could be a two part story... The second being reversed. If u like the idea great but if you would rather not do it could I please writE it and have it be sort of a part to this? But anyway this is great! I'm sad it's over but at the same time so happy that u didn't put off updating :)
12/17/2011 c7 13music lover bwg
Wow wasn't expecting that!
12/17/2011 c6 JessTringham
This is awesome! :D hahaha :D
is it weird that by the end i'm giggling evily just because there was a cliffhanger? i love you right now! thanks so much for updating! this was as usual great! i loved the whole 'oh so now that i'm in another demnsion you're llowing me to bewith him' atttude. can;t wait for the next chapter!
a smile was brought to my face and now i cna;t ridmyself of it but hey there's no way i'm complaining! i loved the second half of this chapter :) the first half was whoa-filled and cute also funny. i'd like to read in WALLY2's POV. just to see if he's actually as calm as he appears to be. can;t wait for the next chapter! i'll be rereading the latest two until then though!
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