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7/19/2012 c3 Guest
Love love love this.
7/18/2012 c3 DGeckoLover
Just wanted to say I've just had a lovely hour reading all of your VD stories. Lovely writing throughout and I your characterisations are pitch perfect. Some fantastic lines and moments good old fashioned mushy / angsty goodness. I just wish you wrote longer stories!
3/28/2012 c3 32The Wuzzy
*standing ovation*

It's 1 am but your stories are so damn good...must...keep...reading :D
3/28/2012 c2 The Wuzzy
You've made me a Jeremy fan, this is so good :D and I don't like Jeremy
3/28/2012 c1 The Wuzzy
"Every woman* on the planet was attracted to Damon"

Heeeelll yeahh!

*and all the men too they just don't admit it ;)
2/2/2012 c3 23CreepingMuse
It's interesting reading your stories backwards like this. While this was only written a couple of months ago, it could have been a totally different author. Completely different feel and rhythm. It seems like in the last couple of months you've gained a great deal of confidence. Not that there aren't lots of things to love in this story, too.

Some great observations and connections: Elena's fear of being like Katherine, her acknowledgement that Damon won't coddle her (though I might disagree with that-he coddles her a great deal unless it comes to preserving her physical well-being, at which point, screw feelings, keep the girl alive), the truth that she's even more impulsive than he is. And some sweet Damon humor in the last chapter-love the line about him not bowling, and the description of him as a "dog on a leash"-great visual there.

But of course, it's the non-Delena scenes I love. Elena and Jer bonding? Aw. So much aw. And some neat insights on the Damon/Jeremy relationship, too...I think I have an idea for a oneshot thanks to you.

In all, another strong story, but I think if you reread this story now, you'll be amazed at how much you've changed in a short time.
12/20/2011 c3 17Last Marauder of Five
Loved it!

The story was really well written and all the characters were fit into their personalities, especially Elena in the first chapter.

The last one was the best! The part where Damon realizes what Elena was trying to tell him was adorable!

Keep writing!
12/11/2011 c3 proudwlw
Ahhh! I loved this do much!

The ending was my favorite! This was so amazing :)

12/11/2011 c3 16Annalay
Well I think its great! Totaly wonderfull full of fluff and I can picture scene like that:) so cute:)

I'm addicted to "the mushy gushy stuff" as you call it SO DEFINITLY a YES PILE :D:D:D:D


"He could convey volumes of information without speaking, just by looking at her with those strangely expressive eyes." - omg he can kill with his eyes!

"He waggled his eyebrows at her and fixed her with a smoldering stare."- mostly because the word smoldering which just happen to always remind me Somerhalder:) the one and only :D:D
12/11/2011 c2 Annalay
OK off to next chapter cos I can't wait any longer (like always I'm falling behind my work - reading :D) - it must be saying sth

I read to find lines (I live on lines) there are two from ch2:

"Elena, the guy tries to die for you once a week. At least give him some perks." - it sould be a line in the TV show SO freking true!

"I think he's good for you; maybe not for the rest of the world…but he's good for you." - yeach totaly!
12/11/2011 c1 Annalay
OMG the ending is so weet and so true I love it (mostly because they don't start making up with each other like in the most stories:) you got the emotion right and the second thoughts:D

off to next chapter

best line from ch1:

"This possibility was both comforting and terrifying. Stefan had been a warm breeze. Damon was a blazing inferno of raw emotion that constantly threatened to consume her." - best line about the emotion in those to brothers:D
12/7/2011 c2 5Her-Imaginarium
I loved Elena's last line about knowing Damon first then loving him. Can't wait for the next one! :)
12/7/2011 c1 Her-Imaginarium
Beautiful... I loved it!
12/7/2011 c1 MrsCupcake10
This is beautiful, you are very talented! Is this a one-shot or is it going to have more chapters?

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