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for Team Jinchuuriki: Village Hidden in the Darkness

1/30/2012 c5 2Domic787
good story cant wait for the next chapy.

oh and supeid cliffy
1/27/2012 c5 11NinjaRiderWriter
ooh zabuza can't wait for this update
12/21/2011 c5 CAELandTAiyo
LOVE IT! First action scene I have ever seen in fanfiction that is so detailed and gore! SOooo... COOL! XD! LUNA!
i need to know is that zavuza?
12/14/2011 c5 2TwiceMarked
Loved the chapter. So, Zabuza and Haku have met up with Naruto and Gaara? Interesting... Update soon!
12/13/2011 c5 Codename-ShadowFox
Another good chapter! Nothing like reading about a good slaughter in the morning =D oh and *poke* *poke* would that be a certain mummy named zabuza?
12/13/2011 c1 TwiceMarked
Not entirely sure that Sarutobi would just let Naruto leave... But I enjoyed the start to this story. Let's see where it goes...
12/12/2011 c4 puma1sunfire
Death by one or nine? I wonder how painfully these three idiots will die.
12/12/2011 c4 Codename-ShadowFox
Great chapters, and I don't mind that you tweaked the snow scene. And I wouldn't worry too much about the number of reviews, it's still a good story and I would keep at it =D.
12/11/2011 c3 puma1sunfire
I am really enjoying this story and I look forward to future updates.
12/11/2011 c2 Codename-ShadowFox
Good job, I liked it =D. And funny enough I posted up my chapter 2 at two in the morning also.
12/9/2011 c1 puma1sunfire
Oh HELL YES! I am looking forward to seeing this story!
12/8/2011 c1 Codename-ShadowFox
Not bad. (possible spoiler) I was actually planning something along these lines for my fic, basically in CH.2 they stow away on a boat and head to mist where they meet haku(Female version) and somewhere around ch. 3 naruto returns to Konoha and Hinata convinces him to let her join them. so it would be naruhon and gaarahaku (I don't think i've ever seen a gaarahaku before). (end spoiler) anyway glad I could be of some inspiration, good luck with your fic =D
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